Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why, Yes. I am Hungry. Why do you ask?

So YAY! Harley is feeling better! He hasn't had a fever since Tuesday morning. His nose is running now, instead of being completely stuffed up. Did you know they don't make infant's cold medicine anymore? Ya, they don't. Oh well. I'm just glad he's feeling better.

So, the diet. I was emailing with DeNae today about how fan-freaking-tastic she is and she had asked me if I was skinny yet...or dead. The answer to both is a resounding HELL NO!!! Although I'm actually closer to the latter. So here's what I told her. (Sorry, DeNae. This'll be a repeat for you.)
I guess when I finish these injections and the 500 calories a day they'll teach me how to reintroduce carbs and starches back into my diet. I'm mostly just looking forward to reintroducing myself to diet Pepsi and Butterfinger Eggs. I really think I'm going to chub up the minute I start eating again. The point of these 23 days is to make a "lifestyle change". But seriously, who does that? All it's made me do is compile a list of things I'll be eating as soon as this madness...I mean lifestyle change is over. So, for your reading enjoyment, here's my list of things I can't WAIT to eat:

  • Cafe Rio pork salad and/or burrito.
  • Oriental chicken salad from Applebee's.
  • Pretty much everything on the Rib City menu but more specifically: baby back ribs (FULL rack), garlic toast, french fries and a gallon of spicy ranch.
  • That new "roast burger" Arby's has been bragging about lately.
  • Milk.
  • Cereal, but more specifically: Crunch Berries, Cracklin' Oat Bran, Frosted Flakes.
  • PB & J sandwich.
  • Raspberry-filled powdered donuts.
  • Of course, diet Pepsi and Butterfinger Eggs that only come out at Easter.
  • The 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting on my fridge, unopened because I won't let my family have any until I can have some. (Does anyone know where I can get more? Seriously. I want to freeze some Thin Mints.)

So I guess that's about it. With that list it's really hard for me to understand how I got chunky in the first place. Actually, the truth is that I'm going to do better. I've decided to give myself one cheat day a week. That one day will see me through the other six days. I'll watch my carbs and sugar intake. I'm going to join Weight Watchers. I swear by WW. I've done it before and I know it works. I just wanted to do this HCG thing to jump-start the weight loss. I have zero will power and if I start a diet and don't see results right away, I get discouraged and quit. But I've worked too hard and suffered too much and paid too much freakin' money to flush my efforts. Plus, Niki and I are going to do a bunch of 5k walks (no, Melissa and Sher, we're NOT running). I'm mostly looking forward to the girl talk we'll do on these walks.

One last thing...I'm so loving being back to work. I love, LOVE, love waiting tables. I don't even mind cleaning up after people...very much. I love meeting new people. Of course, I love to make new friends but at work it's more just surfacy stuff. I meet them, we chat, I make 'em laugh (I try), they eat delicious food, they pay me, and then they leave. And then I get on my hands and knees and clean up their mess. I made $80 tonight! On a THURSDAY!!! In UTAH COUNTY!!! Yay me!

So have a great weekend! If you live in Utah county or plan on visiting the area, stop by Rib City Grill and see me! (I won't be there this weekend, though.)


Laurel said...

Glad Harley is feeling better.
I think of texting you everyday just to see if you've passed out from lack of calories yet and then I remember I hate to text.
Arby's new sandwhich isn't that great, add something more worthwhile to your list. My sister has a recipe for thin mints that taste JUST LIKE the girl scouts. I'll get it and forward on. It's cheaper too.
If you walk the canal I'll be the one eating donuts and waving at you from the backyard.

Casey said...

I'm like you, I need something to kick start my diet or I'll get discouraged and give up. We did the six week body makeover last year and I lost 28lbs but when both kids got sick with the string of ear infections and surgeries, I fell off the wagon hard. Food is comfort for me.

I'm glad you're enjoying the new gig. $80 on a Thursday is great!

DeNae said...

And then there's yours truly, and you know what I did to lose weight.

And I had chocolate cake for breakfast.

I think we're all very, very twisted in this family, A.

Maybe we shoudl start a band. "Twisted Brothers and Sisters"? Oddly, I get the sense tht someone already did one like that...

Get Harley down here. Immediately. By immediately, I mean 'immediately after he is feeling 100% better and won't act all grumpy-baby-ish while we loiter around the pool'. Mid-80's next week, sistah!!

Kristina P. said...

I love Weight Watcher's frozen delicious goodies. They are really, really good, but really low in fat and calories.

SO said...

That is good that Harley is feeling better. When the kids are sick it's always hard.

And I may just have to stop in at Rib City sometime.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad Harley is better! I agree with needing the kick start and I'm all for whatever works!!
And yeah for the 5k's! It's so much fun!!
When you decide to hit the Cafe Rio, CALL ME!!!