Friday, March 6, 2009


Look who's back on the computer! Yeeee-Haaaaw!!! I guess it's only temporarily fixed so I gotta hurry.
One more thing I wanted to tell that couple last night was: thanks for telling me I looked tired. That was EXACTLY the look I was going for!
So here's the first update:
I mentioned that I'd lost 3 1/2 pounds, right? Well when I woke up this morning one of them was back!!! I was extremely discouraged. I was ready to just bag it. (I'm just brimming with willpower, I tell ya!) I was this (holds thumb and pointer finger half inch apart) close to eating a bowl of Crunch Berries for breakfast. But I resisted. I went to lunch at Applebee's with my friend Amanda and I ate off the Weight Watcher's menu. I probably ate more than I should have but I didn't get full so I knew I was doing something right. So all day I've been in a bad mood. Blaming the one pound weight gain and the lack of sugar. Just been grumpy. So tonight, I weighed myself again. Ya, that's right. AT NIGHT. That pound I gained? GONE!!!!! Yippeeeee! I'm so glad I didn't eat that ice cream like I soooooo wanted to.
My head still hurst most of the time but I hear it gets better. I just want to eat. I haven't felt full since Monday. Anyone who's considering this diet should be warned: it sucks. And as my sister, DeNae, said: "[I] better be pencil thin by the end of this or someone's gettin' eaten."
(To follow a fellow HCGer go here. You can even enter to win a pedometer.)
Here's the second update:
Harley had his 9 month appointment this week and here are his stats:
Height: 29.5"------->75-90%
Weight: 18 lbs 2 oz.---------> 50%
Head: 47 cm (Helloooo! We're in America. Give me this one in inches please!)
He's still a little behind as far as motor skills but I'd say no more than a month. He commando crawls everywhere but doesn't go from crawling to sitting up by himself. He doesn't pull himself up to furniture, yet either. Those are the only things he's behind in. I'm pretty sure he's perfect.
He's got 5 teeth. He waves bye bye now and then. And when I tell him to wave he also says ba ba ba. I'm certain he's saying it. He's freakin' brilliant! He shakes his head and it's so dang funny...unless I'm trying to feed him. Then it's not so funny.
So there's the updates. I gotta stop posting and get reading and commenting while I've got the blessed computer!

PS: No spelling errors! (Except the ones I did on purpose)


Kristina P. said...

That's great about the pound weight loss. I have to say, weighing myself is not a motivator for me, at all. I lost quite a bit of weight, years ago, and I never weighed myself. I just did it by how my clothes felt, and I can tell I've put on about 15 pounds again. Boo.

Oh, and I totally want to come and eat at your restaraunt!

DeNae said...

Get Harley down here right now. I mean it. I've HAD it with him being up there in UT and not down here waving baba at me. Either get him down here, or face the consequences. And in your weakened state I could totally take you.

Yay for not eating the ice cream! And yay for getting your oxygen - I mean, your computer back!

AS Amber said...

Kristina-I do so much better if I weigh myself every day. And yes!!! Come eat!! Saturday or Monday night.

DeNae-I'm seriously getting some cabin fever. I gotta get the H outa this stupid SNOW we got today! Feels good to breathe...I mean blog...again!

wendy said...

YOU TOO---I love spelling things wrong, on purpose!!! One pound --seriously, one pound. This diet sounds like an act of terrorism. BUT- don't get me wrong, I'm proud of you and admire the determinism (is that mis-spelled, cause If it is I meant it to be) My hubby told me a couple of people where he teaches are doing that --and he is trying to cut out Coke (he's getting scarry) So doll, I THINK I'LL GO POUR ME A BOWL OF CAP'N CRUNCH IN YOUR HONOR. Cause I am a supportive friend like that.

So said...

I would be grumpy with a lack of sugar as well. That's cool about the weight loss. And it sounds like Harley is doing great!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for losing 3 pounds!

47cm is about 18 1\2 inches. :)

AS Amber said...

So Sher taught me how to receive email notification when someone comments & here's my test to see if I did it right. Thanks Sher!

Casey said...

That HCG diet is looking pretty appealing right about now, the YMCA toddler pool opened today and there's no way in hell I'm stepping foot in a bathing suit.

Harley sounds like a cutie... Elliot is 10 1/2 months and likes younger men, is he interested?

Melissa said...

Okay, little worried about this diet. Not gonna lie. I understand starvation, and it's totally NOT the way (weigh) to go. Please, for the love of all that's holy, be careful!

And Harley, sounds adorable. The only other Harley I have ever known was a cute little bugger too!

mrsbear said...

That diet still sounds scary. It makes me hungry FOR you. Congrats on shedding that mystery pound. ;)