Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Post Without a Clever Title

I got to go to dinner with Kim on Friday! We went out for Mexican food and stayed out til 12:30 just visiting and laughing our butts off. So dang much fun!!!!!

Hoe. Lee. Crap.

There was a freakin' ton of people at my house this weekend. My 1,700 square foot house. But I loved every single minute of it. I absolutely LOVE having company. Tav's family is great and we had a really good time. We celebrated his dad's 60th birthday and his sister becoming a grandma. Ya, that's right. Tav's sister that's a year older than him is a grandma and Tavis just had his first child 10 months ago. He's a little slow.

Tavis has two sisters. The oldest and youngest in his family are girls. They love each other so much. I know that his ex-wife complained of being left out when Tami and Dawna were together. And while I know they love me, there's no bond that can penetrate that of sisters. I never feel jealous or left out because I know how much I love my sisters and how much I LOVE to be with them. I love to be with my sisters-in-law, too. For sure. But there's not anyone I'd rather be with than my sisters. (I have to include Niki in there, too.)And Tami and Dawna are always very nice to me and it was so fun having them stay here.

Dawna has 2 little boys (among 3 older kids). Fisher, almost 3. And Gunnar, 1. (Oh, by the way, she's due with a little girl in June.) He's from Jan. 3rd to May 23rd older than Harley. This. Kid. Is. An. Ox. He's always been bigger than Harley but now he's mobile. He runs everywhere. He's easily 10-12 lbs bigger than Harley but Harley is only about 2 inches shorter than him. Anyway, I got a text from Tavis on Thursday night while I was at work and just after Dawna and her kids had gotten there that said, "holy shit, we're so not ready to have a toddler boy." To which I replied, "are they wild?" He said back, "daaaaaaaaaaaamn busy." That pretty much sums it up.

They were so much fun though! Holy crap, they're CUTE!!! I was surprised at how much Harley looks like the 3 yr old considering he looks just like his dad. But there's no question these boys are related!

This is Harley and Fisher

This is Gunnar, Fisher (who we had to bribe with being able to hold the dog in order for him to smile for us) and Harley.

So I worked on Saturday night. I had to leave the festivities early. Like half an hour after they started. I thought it would be worth it, though, because it was Saturday. I'd make lots of tips, right? I had these people come in and first rack up a $58 ticket. Then demand that I give them a discount because they know the owner. So 20% later, their ticket is $43.80. The dude handed me $45 and called it good. That's right. One dollar and twenty cents. I got a huge lump in my throat when I saw that. I went out of my way to especially take care of them because they knew the owners and I got totally ripped off! For the whole night I only made forty freakin' dollars. Shoulda stayed home and hung with the fam.

I worked again last night and made $70! YAYAYAY! Gotta love the all you can eat riblets night. But a guy from corporate was coming in today so we had to clean our butts off and I didn't get home til almost 11:00! My back hurts from scrubbing the kitchen floor. Oh well. He was able to notice only that our BBQ sauce lids were uneven heights so it was totally worth it.

I work again tomorrow night and it's $1 draft night so I should do pretty good! I expect all my Mormon Mommy bloggers to get in there and support me on $1 draft night. Don't be rude.

So I've got posts that are more fun rolling around in my head. I just haven't had access to the computer for a while.


Kristina P. said...

OK, you do work on Saturday nights. I couldn't remember exactly. We might be there this Saturday. I don't think it would be hard to talk my husband into coming.

wendy said...

You were out with your friend until 12:30 --at night??? Don't you know what happens after midnight!!!! You might get pregnant or Edward from Twilight might show up ---and he might get yor pregnant. (tee,hee)Fun to have company, exhausting, but fun!! Ahhh, what night is $1 draft night!!!! shhhhhh

Vanessa said...

$1 Diet Coke draft, right?

Casey said...

That's a lot of people in one house! I used to love company in college but now I hate it since I have kids on schedules and I value my sleep.

Man, I hated the days of scrubbing restaurants and fast food places in preparation for mgmt. Grr.

DeNae said...

I for one am glad you cleaned your butt off. Were there barnacles and stuff? Cuz I totally hate those butt barnacles.

Melissa said...

Wow- People suck! 1.48? Really? I always think of you when Splenda and I are out, and I MAKE SURE our server is TAKEN CARE OF!

veronica said...

Call me on $1 Dr. Pepper night. I'll be there!

Motherboard said...

I am thinking of ribs right now. They actually sound really good. Would it be totally gross to go out to eat 2times in one day? Oh wait. I do that all the time. Never mind. If AF weren't so damn far away, I would come and support you in the $1draft night-- but drink diet COKE instead. :>)

tiburon said...

If I come in to your restaurant I will FOR SURE tip good. I am a good tipper :)