Sunday, March 1, 2009


So the other day (Friday) I went to the elementary school for Hayden's program. (It was so dang cute, btw!) Not long after it started they came on the PA saying not to let the kids out for recess. Then a few minutes after that they said we were in lock-down mode by order of the P.G. police department. So these poor kids are up there trying to do their skit about Jim Bridger and they keep getting interrupted by the intercom. Eventually, the principal came on stage and told us there had been a shooting a few blocks from the school and we'd be in lock-down until further notice. But on with the show! DUH! I realize we need to know these things but since none of us were going anywhere I just thought they could have let us know after the show. As not to cause a panic among the 100+ ten year old kids on the stage.
By the time the show was over it was still 30 minutes from the time school was to get out so if we wanted our other kids we'd have to stand in line and sign them out. Then go to their class and get 'em.
I'm just glad I was there. The phone number the school has for me is my home phone which I never answer. I'd have been waiting for them to get home since they weren't going to be letting them on the bus, either. (They did eventually lift the lock-down and the kids could have gotten on the bus but not for a while after school was let out.)
The shooter was caught. Apparently it was all over an argument. It's so stupid that so many people's lives are turned upside down and backwards because of a disagreement. What ever happened to "live and let live"? That dude's gonna spend the rest of his life in prison, now. So stupid.
So, the other carayzeee thing that happened was while I was in line waiting to sign Avery out of class. I see this woman that looked so familiar! Being the shy and bashful person I am, I walked right up to her and asked, "did I just meet you somewhere?" She said, "no (crazy person, run along) I don't think so." I said, "maybe at the..." Then I didn't finish because I didn't want her looking at me like everyone else has this week when I told them I went to a lunch full of Kristina P. worshipers...I mean bloggers.
So this gal says, "at the blog lunch?"
Me: "YES!" I was so relieved she was just as freaky as I am! How crazy is that? It was Shanna at Just So. I've seen her comments on several blogs I read, too. Isn't that weird? There's a bazillion blogs out there and we seem to kind of end up in the same circles as so many other people. Anyway, I was so excited to meet her. I pretty much have zero friends here (I know. It's sad.) so it'd be fun to get to know her better. She sent me an awesome shout out on her post about the lock-down, too, so I just wanted to thank her and tell her to feel free to stalk me in blog land as well as reality land. Although five minutes into it she'll be so bored she'll want to hang herself just for something to do.
Hey, PS...I see all these posts with words crossed out. I swear I've seen the button for it or something called "strike through" but now I can't find it. Can someone out there tell me how to do this??? And how do I reply to your comments through your email? HELP!!!


So said...

It was a crazy day!! I too thought that they could have done a better job of informing those involved with the play. Ah well I'm sure they did the best they could. I'm just grateful that the lock down wasn't for a long period of time. Can you imagine being stuck in that gym with all those kids and parents not being able to go anywhere. That would have been a nightmare!

We will definitely have to hang out more than in just the blogosphere.

Kristina P. said...

That's so funny! I'm glad you weren't killed.

DeNae said...

Here in Las Vegas, if the school doesn't go into lockdown at least once a quarter folks start building arks and repenting like crazy. At least that's what I've heard; we haven't had a quarter like that in the 7 years we've lived here.

In fact, and this is no exaggeration, the police helicopter flies over my house, shining a big ol' spotlight into my yard and windows, at LEAST twice a week. Looking for some kind of evil doer, no doubt. One of these days my husband and I are going to fake a murder a la "Rear Window" just to entertain the peeping toms, er, I mean, 'police'.

Martha H. said...

That is crazy!

So funny that you ran into Shanna, too.

BTW - if you e-mail me:, I'll tell you how to do a strike thru. I tried to here in the comment, but blogger wouldn't let me. Didn't like the strike thru command I was trying to give it. Oh well!

Casey said...

Wow, that lock down sounds scary. I used to work at a high school and whenever there was one, I was on the emergency committee and I had to run around (in the open) and make sure everyone had their doors shut. It's a good thing I never got shot!

That's cool that you ran into another blogger... I've yet to meet one in person, I'm skeered.

wendy said...

I heard about that shooting on the news!!!!! Working as a clerk for a Judge I hear stuff like that every day. (freaking day..remember how I always say freaking)
That was interesting that you "ran into a blogger buddie --and YOU BEING THE SHY PERSON YOU ARE--probably had a hard time going up and saying hi (tee,hee)You strike me as the kind of gal who takes the bull by the horns --no BS for you.

wendy said...

Oh and p.s my email is on my sidebar (kinda like salad bar, just not as many choices)

GreenJello said...

Funny, I just posted about that very same problem (not being able to respond to people's comments via email):

tiburon said...

You AREN'T the only freak!! That is funny.

For strike through just do < del> and then < / del> without the spaces - before and after the words you want to strike through

mrsbear said...

That's awesome that you connected at a school lockdown, what are the chances? My daughter recently had a bomb scare at her middle school and let me tell you, it was pure chaos. They had tried to herd the kids in to the playground, but a lot of them just took off in to the surrounding neighborhoods. Parents were parked in the middle of the street, it was so poorly managed. Quite the disaster.

Lisa said...

New to your blog! Love it! Thanks for sharingev

Sher said...

Aww, I want to be your real life friends. I never run in to bloggers because it seems like you all live South of here. There must be something in the water down that way.

And I didn't read the comments, but if you want to strike through, here is what I do:

Ok, it won't let me do it. I'll send you an email.