Monday, March 23, 2009

It's The Post About Nothing

Hey y'all! I don't have anything to blog about. Had a great weekend. Spent it with Niki. Ate me some Cafe Rio. Pretty much done with the madness. I'm still taking the injections and not eating anywhere NEAR the portion sizes I was before, but I'm not doing the strict 500 calorie thing anymore. I'll do injections until Wednesday at which point I'll go back and get weighed and measured again. Lori over at Green Jello has been doing the same HCG diet and has had some very interesting results. If you're considering this diet (and I haven't completely scared you off by it) you should check out her Fat Loss Chronicles. HCG claims to burn all fat and not lean muscle. Lori's results have been somewhat contrary to that.

I've been in much better spirits since I started eating again. I got my Thin Mints. I got my chai from Starbucks. (I'm sooooo not a yuppy, Starbucks just really does have the best chai.) And sometime this week or next I'm going to go join (again) Weight Watchers. I don't wanna be banished to my house again this summer and if I'm chunky I know I won't want to leave. Why do we let our weight decide our level of happiness? That can't be healthy.

Harley is TEN months today. Holy crap! We finally got his crib set up today. He's been in the Pack 'n' Play this whole time. He's decided he's done with that whole "sleeping through the night" thing and I'm pretty sure it's because his bed sucks. We need to retrain him to put himself back to sleep because he's not hungry when he wakes up. He's still in our room because he and Hayden are both way light sleepers and I'm afraid they'll wake each other up.

So I work tonight! It's all you can eat riblets so I hope we get a lot of people and that they make for a great post! It's freakin' dang cold, though, so I'm not holding my breath. Stupid snow. It'll be warm by the weekend. Welcome to spring in Utah!


Kristina P. said...

Ha! I bought Thin Mints on Friday, and forgot I left them here at work, so that was a nice, fattening, chocolatey goodness surprise!

Sher said...

500 calories?!! You can't be serious?! I would die. I would literally DIE. I don't know if I could cut a single meal down to 500 calories, let alone an entire day.
That's a stupid diet (no offense)
But, I've done weight watchers before...much more realistic! Good luck!
Oh, and I got 8 boxes of GS cookies on Saturday. And they're all gone.
Too bad my family was home when they arrived, because I had to share.

Vanessa said...

Where the hell are the Girl Scouts in my area?? I need me some Samoas.

I might be banished from WW, I missed last week and I keep yo-yo-ing up and down.

DeNae said...

I'm here. Don't know for how long. I'm currently operating under the spy name "Consuela de la Guerra de la Computadora Estupida".

It's not a very good name.

There are TWO Cafe Rios within a couple of miles of me these days! And I have a gift card from a student! Too bad I, you know, did that thing a year ago. Takes me forEVER to scarf down a pork enchilada with rice and beans on the side and a ginormous diet Coke.

But I'm nothing if not persistent.

SO said...

I just finished up a sleeve o' them mints. Yum. Wait. That can't be good.

Casey said...

Man, you're behind on the cookie consumption, you'd better catch up! Glad to hear you're on the tail end of the diet. Now for the exercise part? We started a diet today and it's not fun. I'm sitting here starving and contemplating licking my laptop screen to see if it's salty.

GreenJello said...

I'm glad you decided not to finish out the 500 calories. As you are seeing from my experience, the HCG Diet is NOT a healthy way to lose weight.

I'm still going to do the 3 weeks afterwards of no sugar/no starchy carbs. Seems quite a lot like Atkins to me, so it won't be too difficult.

And I want some Thin Mints. Wah!

Melissa said...

Your right, why is it that our weight determines out happiness and what we will choose to do? DUMB! Keep at it girl - but BTW - I like ya just the way you are!!

wendy said...

Yay - done with that stupid 500 calorie thing. CAN I SEND YOU SOME CHEESECAKE ----Nope,won't I support the whole gotta loose weight thing. I've been trying to loose that last "just had a baby" fat for 24 FREAKING years now. (tee,hee)
All you can eat riblets-------Oh man!!
Happy 10th Harley, and get out of mom and dads room.

tiburon said...

I am glad you started eating again.

I have 2 boxes in the freezer screaming my name.

I hope I can hold them off until Saturday...