Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And For My Next Act...

Well it was bound to happen eventually.

As I took the tray of four drinks to my last table tonight I noticed that it was wet on the bottom. Making it a little difficult to carry. Typically, I'm not nervous to carry a tray full of drinks. Maybe the first or second time I did it I was nervous but there really isn't much to it. So as I was setting down the drinks in front of my guests I was telling them how the bottom was wet and it was making me nervous although not as nervous as it should have been making them.

Behind me, I had already prepared another table to be bussed. Meaning, I'd stacked the plates, separated the garbage, and stacked the drinks. Our cups are such that even if there's a couple of inches of liquid in the bottom, you can still put another cup inside it and it won't overflow. So I had two stacks of 4 or 5 cups. All with a little bit of liquid in them; the top cups being completely full. (It should be noted that the people who'd been sitting there had gone, already. Did you pick up on that?)

So I set the tray down (the one with the wet bottom) and put the two stacks of cups on it as well as the stack of plates. (This is something I rarely do. I don't usually use a tray when bussing my tables but I had it with me so I figured what the heck.) I picked up the tray and leaned down to pick up the basket full of napkins and one of the stacks of cups toppled over. Making a HUGE noise and sending water and ice and cups and the silverware I had put in there flying across the table. I glanced over to my other table and gave them a look of "see, I told ya!" only to have the other stack of cups topple over.

That's right. I spilled EIGHT-ish freaking drinks!!! Being the quick wit that I am, I looked around (to the roughly 6 tables full of people) and said, "everything's fine! Nothing to see here." Everyone laughed and I went to the back to scrape up a little bit of dignity before going back out there to clean up my HUGE mess. And as luck would have it, I found a lot of my dignity under the table and behind the bench.

I went over to my table and asked if they enjoyed the circus act. Which they did as well as being extremely grateful I had held it together long enough to not spill their drinks.

Not nearly as grateful as I was.

Can I just say that NONE of the girls I was working with came over to help me? There is NO WAY I'd have let them clean up a mess that big by themselves. If for no other reason than to be able to laugh with them about it and make them not feel so dumb! I'd have dropped what I was doing (pun totally intended) and helped them! Skanks.


Casey said...

I thought the story was going to turn out way worse, I'm so glad you didn't spill the entire tray ON someone. I dropped an entire tray of food once when the tray table legs weren't open all the way and the entire thing collapsed.

Martins said...

I can TOTALLY hear you saying "There's nothing to see here!" You are adorable!

Vanessa said...

Skanks for sure. You should just run the whole place. It sounds like you are the only one that works there anyway.

GreenJello said...

Why do you continue to work in a place where your co-workers are skanks? Surely you could wait tables at a better place.

DeNae said...

I, too, can hear you saying "Nothing to see here." And I have to agree with the whole 'why work with idiots' question. You're obviously good at your job - go find one worthy of your awesomeness!

Everyone reading this should probably note that this incident is evidence of a genetic deficiency within our family. We take the business of making huge scenes by falling down or dropping something or throwing large cups of root beer at sassy counter helpers and almost getting arrested for it very seriously.

Kristina P. said...

At least it didn't spill on anyone! That would really suck.

Vennesa said...

Hi! Just linked from Veronica's blog. I'll be back!

wendy said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard. My husband thinks I am sick and wrong the way I always laugh at people's "little accidents" so sorry, if I'd a been there I would have been laughing so hard. BUT --I would have helped you clean up , I mean if it was YOU and it was ME you had been serving. those skanks for not coming over to help you --how rude.
anyway, I bet you made it pretty entertaining.
Going into our court room there is a little step down to my chair/computer, and one time the courtroom was full of people and I had files I was carrying up to my nose and turfed it on that #_)(*%&@ step. Oh yeah. entertaining indeed ----but you just got to laugh at yourself as well.
good story Amber --hope you collected all your dignity etc from under the table

Melissa said...

Sorry, but I am LOL at you! Which if I had seen it in person, would have laughed even harder.
Please tell me that the people watching at least tipped decently for their "show"

SO said...

I'm glad that it wasn't worse! I too thought you were going to dump something in someones lap! You handled it great and without the help of those skanks. That's craptastic that they didn't come and help you out.

Motherboard said...

I could totally hear you saying that. And see the face you pulled to go with it!

I was thinking about you on Saturday as I got FREAKING lost in Pleasant Grove. Trying to get out righteous town after Womens Conference... What the hell???

(What's the name of that joint you waitress in? I'm thinking about crashing it...)