Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I May or May Not Have Said, Thought or Texted

Who are we kidding? I totally said, thought and texted these things.

I'm totally ripping this off from Melissa and Tiburon. But I always look forward to their Fridays and since I've been working a lot lately and having company, there have been plenteeeeee of things running through my head.

So here we go!

  • "How am I supposed to tell the difference between you being sick and you just laying around?"
  • "Dude, you're not supposed to laugh when I touch you there."
  • "I shoulda took Bean-O before I ate that."
  • "As long as you don't get your lung all over him."
  • "It's been SIX FREAKING WEEKS!!!"
  • "I get it. You're hungry. Get in the garage and eat."
  • "It smells like you've been farting the entire time I've been gone."
  • "Ravioli's in the eye never feels good."
  • "I feel like I've gone deaf."
  • "I don't really have 15 fingers." (Said by Avery when trying to figure 15 minus 8.)
  • (Texted to me from Niki who was on vacay at Disneland) "Oh great. There's a crazy-eye guy. Think I'll get him?"
  • (Again, from Niki, who was at a time-share seminar thing.) "Now there's a Slick Willey."
  • "You two give me bi-polar."
  • "Well, you are gorgeous. And stuck up."
  • "I thought Midol made you less irritated when you're flowin'? IDK!!! Don't yell at me!"
  • "Carnage. Lots and lots of carnage."
  • And just tonight....."LOOK AT HIM!!!! HE PULLED HIMSELF UP TO HIS FEET!!!!!" (That's right. My brilliant baby boy beat his brother and sister by a month by pulling himself up to standing tonight. So. Freaking. Smart.)

Hayden and Avery were so funny on April fools day. First thing when I woke up (which translates into: Do not freaking talk to me for at least 5 minutes especially if you're way hyper.) Avery asks me what my fave cereal is.

Me: "What? I don't know. Why?"

Avery: "Just wondering..."

Me: (Light clicking on) "Oh, um...Cookie Crisp."

Avery: (Runs to find Hayden where I hear him whisper to her, "did you tell her?")

So they switch the bags of cereal to trick me. Then Avery tells me I had a spider on my head. Then she told me I was bald. Tavis said today that they were just beside themselves with excitement before I woke up. They couldn't talk enough about all the things they were going to do at school. How much fun would it be to have their level of excitement? Crazy kids.

I told Hayden I was pregant (my stand-by AFD joke) and he totally...didn't buy it. Tavis told me he watched LOST without me and I...totally didn't buy it.

DeNae's coming to town this weekend!!! Sorry, no autographs this trip. I'll try to get a pic of us together so you'll all know that I really am cool.


DeNae said...

YOU are a complete goof ball. And now I'm wishing we'd had more texting moments.

Cookie Crisp? Seriously? Why not just have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast like normal people?

SO said...

Love these lists. I don't say much during the week. I haven't been out much.

Sher said...

That's funny. I would do a post like this, but everything I say is either Not funny. or incredibly disturbing. or both.
Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Melissa said...

Okay, this type of posting needs to continue....hysterical!

Kristina P. said...

So, I just read on Sher's blog that DeNae was coming. And she got on me for not doing lunch with her in Vegas? Boo on her!

wendy said...

Funny --and I know what your talking about when you said IT'S BEEN 6 FREAKING WEEKS ha ha ha. I have a 4 day rule ya know. Yes I do. the farting the whole time I've been gone is alos funny.
have fun with your sis when she visits --and I WANT photos for sure.
lol--and fyi, I don't text, takes me FOREVER, no skills there

wendy said...

The skills I do have though are typing as if I have dyslexia --notice I spelled also, alos. Yup, I am soooooo talented.

wendy said...

Oh and one more thing miss Amber--since I totally decided to dominate this comment section--WHAT DO YOU MEAN GOOD EFFIN RIDDENCE E.R.----Just when I thought we were getting so close. I watched some of Greys Anatomy until they tried going totally lesbo on me------ooo-iko.
I'll forgive you for this one.

Alesia O'Keefe said...

Could you be any more fabulous!

Kristina P. said...

Hey, I hope you see this! I'm not sure if we're going to be able to make it tonight after all! Adam apparently is going to have to work later than anticipated, and we don't know what time he will be getting off. We are going to try our darndest to make it. I need some ribs!

I was looking at the menu last night.

So, I hope to see you there, if not, will you email me your schedule as far as you know it?

Talk to Sher. There's another blog lunch on May 2nd, and you should come!

Motherboard said...

Hey Amber! I had a blast today with you! You are hysterical! I am sure I was extremely dorky-- being star struck and all-- but I really had a ball!

We should get together again soon.

Take care and remember Hayden is now betrothed to Moxie. Deal? (they will make beautiful babies... eww. That's kindof disturbing to think about at this age...) :>)

Casey said...

You guys are hilarious with your April's Fools Day pranks. Also, your texting is way more exciting than mine ever is.

tiburon said...