Friday, May 1, 2009

Here's Some Stuff I Heard Slash Said This Past Month

At Avery's 2nd grade program to Hayden: "Do I need to separate you and your dad?"

Avery: "Hayden, I wanna see how wide the TV is."
Hayden: "It's one point twenty-one gigawatts!"

Avery: "I'm a miracle."

Hayden: "You know why she keeps getting messages? Because she texas too much."

Avery: "Mama! Don't make me laugh when I'm drinking chocolate milk!"

My sister Jill about her daughter: "She really does have a high crack. She needs plastic surgery."

Avery: "The Easter Bunny is amazing!"

Text from Sher: "Welcome to the dark side."
Me: "At least I'm in good company."

And my personal favorite...
Me driving home from work: "Get off my bumper! I'm blogging!"


Kristina P. said...

I'm a little frightened for you life with this whole blogging/driving multitasking.

And I'm going to be doing another meet and greet on June 13th! Mark your calendar. I will be announcing it soon.

DeNae said...

Poor London. You know, I'm pretty sure if people met the other members of our family, we'd be considered dull by comparison.

And everyone, Amber's not kidding. Whole reams of federal legislation have been drafted just to deal with her tendency to text and drive. I may text-and-worship, but at least there's no chance of my wrapping the pew around a utility pole!

Knock it off, you!!

DeNae said...

I'll be in town when Kristina has her meet n' greet, but don't you have something else planned on that day...? Cuz I'm kinda thinking that's why I'll be in town in the first place...

SO said...

How high is that crack?

And I too am concerned for your safety as you text and drive. Haven't you seen the video of the bus driver getting in an accident whilst texting yet??

wendy said...

Driving and blogging ------YOU ARE SO AWESOME. I wonder if they give tickets for that. Then just tell the cop, wait I need a photo of this for my BLOG!!
I love all those little sayings from your kids. I think my tv is something like 46 giggawatts too. or 60 megapixels ---------oh hell, who knows.

Casey said...

So do you Texas too much? I'm not big on Texasing.

AS Amber said...

Geez!! All you Judgy McJudger Pants! I was only READING a blog. I wasn't TYPING one!


Motherboard said...

Umm. Yeah. Reading and driving do not mix. Unless its a ROAD SIGN!!

Sher text's you? You are such a rockstar!

Word Ver: Fedyven Are they talking about K-fed and his van?