Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here I Am!

Hey y'all!! Just wanted to drop in and say that the computer is in the crapper again. I'm not sure how long this will last so I've got to hurry and put something up before you all send out an "Amber Alert". Hahaha! Get it? "Amber Alert"? Oh man. Too funny.

OK, let's go with that, then. If I get kidnapped what happens? Do the two Ambers cancel each other out? Will I ever be rescued? Or do they put out TWICE as much effort due to the TWO Ambers??? It makes you wonder, right? Really? It's just me?

Alrighty then.

The other day I took the kids to Arby's and when the dude gave me my change he dropped a nickle out on the ground. (Which made me think of this post of DeNae's and I swear if I read it one more time I'm gonna need to throw on one of Harley's Huggies.) He told me not to worry about it and gave me another one. Well, Avery wanted to get it for him. So she gets out and apparently the door was too close to the building and she had to squeeze through to get the coin. I saw that she was kinda struggling but I didn't want to pull forward because I didn't want to scare her. I thought she would think I was leaving her. I know how scary a thought that can be for a kid. So when she got back in the car she said, "GEEZ!! Next time why don't they move the building over???!!!??"

Oh my heck that kid cracks me up!!!

So that's all I got for now. Lame, I know. Just keep in mind that during these trying times, I'll still be out there. Reading your posts. I probably can't comment on all of them, though, because I'll be blogging from my phone and it's a giant pain in the patella. Please forgive me.

Wanna see some FREAKING CUTE kids??? Go here.


DeNae said...

I swear they only hire mentally challenged sociopaths to work the drive up window at fast food joints. And Avery is spot-on: Just move the friggin' building already! Sheesh!

SO said...

Sorry for the computer being in the crapper again. Avery knows that all buildings have a special button that they can push to move the building. They just never use it.

Jen said...

Hope you get your computer back from the Dr. soon...I feel kinda naked without mine...weird hah. Oh, and thanks for the cute kids promo, they kind of like you, like, A LOT! Maybe I’ll take them and Brayden’s friends to the HM movie this week end, the dorks went to High School Musical 3 without wearing hats and sunglasses so who knows!!!

Kristina P. said...

YOu silly girl. Amber alert made me laugh.

veronica said...

At least you CAN blog from your phone. Someday I will be able to do that. (And maybe then we'll get indoor plumbing too. Oooh! And maybe even a microwave!)

GreenJello said...

Whazzup with your computer this time?

wendy said...

there is an Amber alert times 2 --I'll know it's you and I'll come a looking for ya. I have access to pepper spray and a tazer gun. (perks for working at the court, they didn't give them to me, but they could come up missing----just saying)
computer problems ------eeks, I am loving my lap top. Now I can sit on my bed, naked like Kristina, sip my diet coke and blog people. WHAT WILL THEY SAY IF WHAAAAA HA HA

-------kids say funny things ex. one time my daughter when she was really little had to go potty, we were in the car and almost home, I told her to just squeeze her cheeks ---looked in the rear view mirro and she had her face cheeks squeezed between those little hands. So..dang..funny.
love ya

wendy said...

ah, me , stupid blogger ---should proof read my stuff. ignor the errors - you get my drift. Like I tell my kids DON'T LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY --LISTEN TO WHAT I MEANT.
for the love of all thats holy!!!!!!!

Casey said...

There you are! Hahahaahha, your Amber alert is hilarious. I'm glad you didn't run over the kid at Arby's, that would have been bad for business.

Sher said...

Once again, I'm leaving your blog laughing. You never disappoint, Stubbs.
Good job.
p.s. love the HM music on your playlist!