Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Little Jiggle and a Little Sap

Well, great. Last night I was running this post through my brain (in between doing the dance) like many bloggers do, I'm sure. Getting all my thoughts together. Then I wake up this morning and check in on DeNae's falling down post so I can laugh some more and to my wondering eyes, she's got a new post! YAY!!! Christmas came early! As I read through it, I start to wig out a little. She kinda did the same post I was going to do. Boo. But, I'm not one to let a little copy-cat situation bother me. So here we go.

Yesterday Tavis left around 4:15 to go to Heber to get Dalton (his son). Around 4:30 I got a text from one of the managers at work asking if I could work tonight. HECK YES!!! Well, it takes about 40 minutes to get to Heber. Then pick up Dalton. Then 40 minutes back. I told my manager I could be there at 6:00. I knew I'd be cutting it waaaay close.

So at 6:06 I come rushing through the doors of the restaurant. I saw a couple sitting there in the lobby area and my first thought was "wow we're already so busy that people are having to wait??". Then I thought, "no. They're probably waiting for other members of their party to arrive".

As I walk past, one of the hosts says, "Amber, you've got a table already. It's these two." To which I reply, "oh, OK. Awesome!"

So I fly to the back and unload all my shiz, throw on some lip gloss and run out to greet my table.

Me: "Hi! I'm Amber!"
Guest: "I'm Lori."
Me: "Good to meet you."
(People will often tell me their names after I tell them mine so this didn't turn on any light bulbs for me.)
Lori: "We've met before. Just not in--"
Me: "LORI A----??????!!!!!!" "GREENJELLO?????" "Oh my gosh! I can't believe you're here!"

So we hug as long-time friends do. I sat down and she introduced me to her husband. (They were sitting on the same side of the booth. Very cute.) We chatted a little. I realized I had something in my eye. I took their order. Thing in my eye started to seriously annoy me. We chat some more. Then one of the hosts comes up to me and says, "you realize that table of four over there is yours, too, right?"

Me: "Oh snap!! No, I did NOT realize that."

So I had to leave my Greenjello and go, y'know, work. (They were grumpy and not near as fun as Lori!) (The did leave me a good tip, though. So they're forgiven.)

It was so dang much fun to have her come in! We visited just like we were old friends. We really do kinda "know" each other. We have a lot in common. Blended families. (She knows how hard it is.) Awesome husbands. (She knows how much better it is the second time around.)

So, after a while we hugged and said our goodbyes. And then I remembered I hadn't run her credit card yet so I did that and then we said our goodbyes again. She left me a way-too-big tip which included a dollar bill folded up like a shirt. So cute.

This is where the sap comes in.

It got me thinking. I LOVE this blogging world. I'm so glad I entered it. I have enjoyed, so much, meeting so many new friends. And I'm not even going to put that in quotes. They are my friends. You are my friends. Thank you so much for coming into my life. Thanks for your comments. Thanks for your replies to my comments on your blogs.

People that mock us bloggers, just don't understand the kind of camaraderie that we share. I really do care about Melissa's runs (literal runs. Not poops.) I'm concerned about Tib's son with DM1. I love to hear about Veronica's kids playing little league baseball and wish I lived closer so I could go watch them play. I love reading about Vanessa's dramatic daughter. And Kristina's snuggie and her naked neighbors. Motherboard's sweet, sweet daughter wanting to give away all her clothes to poor kids. (Still waiting for our shipment, btw.) Sher's revelations while running. I look forward to every Tuesday to hear about Casey and Keely's randomness. (Caution: they say the F word sometimes.) Green Jello's amazing Wordless Wednesdays and her texting convos with her daughter. I love reading about DeNae's Backordered Life. She moved out when I just barely 9 years old so it's been fun getting to know her better through all of her HILARIOUS stories!! Wendy is one of my bestest bloggy besties!!! She always makes me laugh. And if you haven't read Vodka Mom you really should. (Another language caution, though.) She's a kindergarten teacher back east and she has the most incredible experiences with those kids. She's the reason I want to be a kindergarten teacher. I loved to see this week of "spring" come to an end over at Just SO.

I'm sure I've left people out. Just know that I'm truly thankful for all of you. Every comment makes my day. It's so fun to get to know you through your blogs as well as through your comments. My favorite is when I can email you back after you've commented so if your email isn't listed in your profile, PLEASE list it!

Thanks again, blogosphere. And thanks to Kristina and Lori for being the only ones who've cared enough to come visit me at work. Wendy, I hope you're picking up on the guilt I'm laying on for you.


Kristina P. said...

Just remember, I was the first one, so I love you the most.

Do you have a link to Lori's blog? Am I not reading her? How is this possible!!

SO said...

I love coming here! And I loved meeting your for a few seconds at the school. It was awesome. So now I need to get in gear and get together with you for longer than a quick hello. Oh and without the lock down. That would be good too.

wendy said...

I DID I DID --feel the guilt. I promise, I will get to your resturant one day - hopefully in this life - I AM ALWAYS TENDING IT SEEMS. This was a great post you did and THANKS for mentioning me (as one of your bestest blogging buddies CAUSE I AM DAMN IT!!) freaking no kidding!!!!!!!!!

Launi said...

Thanks for the list of so many great places to go. I love feeling like I have so many friends. Do you suppose it means we had a lonely childhood? Ha ha. I'm sure it actually means we love people. And that's such a good thing.

veronica said...

Aw shucks! I am honored that you included me in your list!

I'm so glad we met. I always get a laugh when I read your blog.
The blogging world is amazing, but let's not try and convince the doubters. They'd just ruin the fun!

Vanessa said...

I heart you too. And you can borrow my dramatic daughter any time you want!

DeNae said...

Just so y'all know, I moved out cuz I got married. I didn't join the circus or go to jail or take up a career in pole dancing or anything like that. That was our sister, Jill.

And you're right, A. This is a groovy place to pick up crazy chicks!

Casey said...

Wow, I'm jealous that you got to meet Green Jello! She's getting around in the bloggy world, she met the infamous Steenky Bee last week.

I really would like to come in and visit but it's kind of a hike. How about I send a life sized cardboard cutout of me instead? Not the same?

I know what you mean about considering my bloggy friends real friends. I was skeptical of bloggers in general and tiptoed into the bloggy world but I'm so glad I stuck around. You guys rock. ;) Damn, you even got me to be cheesy.

wendy said...

happy sunday my freaking awesome friend.

Melissa said...

Amber, you are a doll, and know that I care just as much about you and your life, and yes, non-bloggers just.don'

That's okay, the ones I care about do, and that includes you!

Sherrie Shepherd Piano Music said...

I'm glad you mentioned me cuz I would've been practically suicidal if you hadn't thought of me!
Thanks for being sappy about blogging. I feel the same way, and I'm sooo glad we're friends!!
I'm working on my Hoe down!
Boom! Clap! Boom de-clap de-clap1!

GreenJello said...

It was great to finally meet you face to face! :) And I'm glad the grumpy people left you a good tip. You deserved it.

Kristina P, here's a link for you:

May You Lead An Interesting Life:)

Sprite's Keeper said...

I LOVE reading posts like this! Meeting fellow bloggers is one of the greatest treats, especially since it seems to validate our little blogosphere existence even more.
Sounds like so much fun!

Jen said...

I’m still laughing at DeNae’s comment…..I was already laughing before I got to the Jill part, then the snort came right out! FUNNY!!! btw...I went back and reread DeNae’s falling down post too, just to watch the video!!! My boys of course kept rewinding it until they were all on the ground laughing in hysterics!!

Jaden Paige said...

I agree with you. I recently wrote a post to the same effect... about how important blogging has become to me, when I just started it to record things for myself and my daughter... It's so much more than I thought! :)

Thanks for this great post. And I'm heading now to go add my email to my profile :)

PS: The captcha on this says "ovaripp" and that just sounds very bad and painful to me. Ouch. Just wanted to share the pain ;)