Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Last Six Months...With a Little Man

Today our little Harley is six months old. It amazes me that half a year has gone by already. (why can't 6 months of pregnancy go by as fast?) He has brought so much joy and excitement and a few little changes to our lives.

  • I'm a little chunkier.

  • A little less put together (I didn't know it was possible but apparently it is).

  • A little more on edge at times.

  • A little less rested.

  • I have a little more laundry. Both in quantity as well as size.

  • I'm a little less patient with Tavis.

  • I'm a little more patient with my kids.

  • I'm a little depressed.

  • I go out a little less.

  • I've been to Wal-Mart a little less (yay).

  • I've been to Babies R Us a little more (yay).

  • We have a little less money.

  • Because I want to buy him a little of everything.

  • Because he looks adorable in every little thing.

  • It's warmed up a lot and now cooled off a little.

  • There are little socks, little diapers, little clothes, little toys, little bottles, little finger-nail clippers, little brushes, little spoons, little jars of food scattered throughout my little house.

  • My little dog is loving her new little human to play with.

  • Our hearts got a little bigger to make room for this little angel.

Some things are not so little:

  • His smile.

  • His blue, blue eyes.

  • His beautiful mop of blond hair.

  • His personality.

  • He, himself, is not as little as he was 6 months ago.

  • In fact, he started out "not so little" as babies go...8 lbs 15 oz.

  • The amount of love we have for this little boy is absolutely, positively not little.

In the last six months he has grown to be extremely SMART!

  • He went from "laying like a slug" (A Christmas Story) to rolling over from his front to his back and now from his back to his front (on 11/16/08).

  • He went from smiling in his sleep to flashing the most brilliant, huge, genuine smile all the time. Even in the middle of a bawling fit (rare) he'll smile at you.

  • He went from waking up three or more times in the night to sleeping an average of 12 hours per night and taking a regular nap during the day.

  • He laughs. Which is the best sound I've heard in...well...7 years when his big sister did it for the first time.

  • He reaches for things. (and then straight to his mouth)

  • He eats solid foods.

  • He gets "plugged up" from those solid foods.

  • He brings his dad and me together in times of less-than-wedded-bliss (*gasp*) just by doing something adorable which makes us "coo" all over him and forget why we were irritated in the first place.

  • He says "bwa bwa".

  • He blows bubbles.

  • He lays on your lap and cranks his head back to look at you.

  • He sucks his thumb.

  • He loves to be sung to.

  • He still sleeps in our room.

  • He loves his brothers and sister.

  • He loves "his" puppy, Fluffy.

  • He loves his bath.

During the first couple of months of his life he was a true joy. We thoroughly enjoyed him. I wouldn't have describe it as "fun", though. Now, after six months, he is So. Much. Fun.

This is his "birth day". He was hooked up to IV's because they had a hard time keeping his blood sugar levels up. His dad will tell you it's because he was taken off the powdered raspberry-filled donut diet cold turkey. He had to be put on IV antibiotics just in case he had an infection. He wasn't able to be in my room with me the entire time we were at the hospital. He had to be in the special care nursery. Look at the bruise on his right hand where they poked him. His little feet had about 10 tiny cuts on them from all the times they checked his glucose levels :(

This is Harley today. And that is his favorite toy.

Happy half-birthday, Harley! We sure do love you little man!

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