Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodbye to Our Little...Very Little Friend

Almost two years ago we bought a Yorkie from the doctor I used to work for in Tooele. She was the cutest Yorkie we'd ever seen. Tav's dad and step-mom raise and breed Yorkies so we knew a little about them. We knew she was an extremely valuable dog. She was so little and had the teddy-bear face. She was a little princess from the word "go".
She had her first little of puppies the following August. Two girls and a boy. I had to deliver one of the girls myself because she was breech. The little boy was really tiny and weaker than the girls. Especially one of them. I kept "Mister" alive because his sisters would not allow him to get anything to eat. Ten days later, he died. One of his sisters started showing some of the same signs he had so we took her to the vet in the hopes that she would not suffer the same fate. The next morning, "Pretty" died. So that left us with one puppy. Fluffy. We decided to keep Fluffy after we got very attached to her. So these two little girls have been a lot of fun. And a lot of not so much fun. They don't potty train easily. They bark and yap at every little thing. But they're cute, y'know? So we put up with their (literal) crap. Sophi still strutted around the house like a princess and eventually she became very reliable at the potty thing. She preferred Tavis over anyone else. She stayed super little and beautiful. Anyone that ever saw her fell in love with her. She was the "poster child" for Yorkies.

She went into heat about two weeks ago. Like we always do, we sent her to Vernal to get pregnant by Tav's parents' male Yorkie. My mother-in-law called a couple days after she got there to tell me thought Sophi wasn't feeling well. On Sunday she called again to tell us she was bleeding from her rectum and that she would take her to the vet in the morning if she didn't get better. A few hours later she called to tell us she'd taken Sophi in and he said she had an ulcer. That it's very common among Yorkies because they're so small and high strung. It was probably stressed-induced. He pumped her full of anti-inflammitories and fluids. And we waited. This morning we were told that Sophi didn't make it through the night.

It's really sad! Yes, she was a pain a lot of the time. But we really loved her. Now I feel guilty for cussing her. A lot. Yes, I wanted to be rid of her. But certainly not like this! I wanted to give her to someone who would love her. I just didn't like the idea of her (and Fluffy) running around the house and peeing on the floor that my baby would soon be crawling on. Now that she's gone, I'm all sad!

So anyway. That's my little tribute to Sophi Sue. We really are going to miss her. She was such a pretty little princess.

Sophi Sue 03/06/06-11/24/08


DeNae said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your little princess! Until you've been a "mom" to a dog, you really don't understand how attached people become to their pets. Hope you are OK! Love you!

Amber said...

Thank you! We're ok for now. Fluffy (Sophi's puppy) is still at Tav's dad's. I'm sure when we get her back on Sunday it will sink in that Sophi is gone.

Jerry said...

The title "Pets" conjurs up all sorts of good things in our memory. Where ever doggie heaven is, she'll be there happy and healthy. By the way that very special event that took place some 1,975 years ago on Easter morning is for Pets also.