Friday, November 21, 2008

Yay for BFF's!!!

Last night Tavis and I and the kids met my friends, Heidi (husband, Jason and their 3 kids) and Jacki (husband, Ryan and they left their kids at home because they (Ryan and Jacki) suck) for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. I saw Heidi about 6 weeks ago but before that it was probably 12 or 13 years ago. And I think Jacki and I agreed that it was when our now seven-year-olds were babies that we last saw each other.
It was so much fun! It's really weird to think that we were kids together and now we're the parents. Avery and Eliza (Heidi's daughter, 6) were playing together and somehow they bonked heads/faces. According to Avery they were just walking and they bonked. Well, Eliza ended up with a real nice shiner and Avery was shiner-ish but mostly red and puffy so I'm guessing they weren't just "walking along". After many, many tears they ate their dinners and all the kids went back to playing in the play place. Avery and Eliza were BFF's by the time we left.

I know I already said this but it was so much fun! I heart those girls!
Jacki, Heidi, me

Avery and "walking and bonking". (Note Avery's red, right cheek and Eliza's left cheek/eye bruise) Such cute girls!!!


DeNae said...

Yeah, sure it was an accident. Admit it, you three really met at the Child Protective Services offspring pick-up counter, where you presented a claim check and a sworn statement promising that you would never strike your child again unless, you know, she had it coming.

BTW, li'l sis, did you notice that someone said they liked your 'testimony' on Sue's blog? You are SO becoming a major player in blog-land!!

Amber said...

OK, it's true. We did meet at CPS. But only after we enjoyed a very nice, quiet, peaceful dinner. Without our kids.
I seriously love it when I get shout-outs in the comments section!!