Friday, November 21, 2008


So I just got home from seeing Twilight. It was really good. Not great. My biggest fear (ya, that's right...I FEARED) was that Edward wasn't going to be as H-O-T in the movie as he is in my brain. Mostly because I never thought Cedric Diggory was all that cute. However, he did live up to his hottness. So that was a relief. I just felt like the movie was choppy and kind of all over the place. I know they can't stick right, exactly to the book's storyline, but I wish they would have made it an hour longer and gone into more detail. I just felt like they tried to cram way too much into two hours. Besides, TRUE Edward fans would not have minded ONE LITTLE BIT if it went on for another hour.
Just wanna thank my friend Kristin for thinking of me when she got the opp to get tickets! I for sure want to see it again.
Oh, and PS...Harley was, of course, PERFECT during the movie.


DeNae said...

You took a baby to a movie? See, this is why people like me throw popcorn and half-finished, $12 Diet Cokes at people like you in the theater (and then hide under our seats, of course, where our karma gets us back by fusing our hair to the science project they call a floor)

Yes, I relented and let Cori see "Cedric Diggory Makes My 32 year-old Sister Drool", which of course I regretted the next morning around 5:20 when the always-popular drama, "Cori Plays a Seminary Sluffing Whiner" was performed at my bedside. Friggin' vampires.

Amber said...

Friggin' vampires is RIGHT! And I was not the only one who had a baby at the movies. (I mean I brought him there. Did not have him there.) He was really good! We took him to see Madagascar 2 last week and his eyes were GLUED to the screen.

Good mommy-ing on letting Cori see the movie last night. Cedric Diggory also made your FOURTY year old SIL drool, so ya know...not just me.