Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reasons We're "Scre..." In a Bad Way...

...according to my children:
  • There will now be mandatory summer school.
  • There will be two hours added to the school day and while we're still on the subject of school...
  • It will now be held on Saturdays. (So far I'm failing to see any problems.)
  • Barack Obama is going to blow up Japan.
  • He's going to kill babies. (I'm guessing this has something to do with "pro-choice" stance of Democrats)
  • He was adopted by aliens.
  • He's going to paint the white house black.
  • He's going to enslave all the white people.

Seriously, where do they come up with all this? I would just like to clarify, again, that the opinions expressed here are those of my children and not necessarily those of the author. I needed to get them down before I forgot how crazy they are!


Laurel said...

Yep, Natalie told me all that too. She felt she was bullied to make her decision so she didn't vote for who she really wanted and she came home crying. That should NOT be how this thing works. So we had a long talk.

And since Japan is our major competitor in education doesn't it make sense that we should bomb them and just be done with it? TOTALLY KIDDING-just in case we're being monitored. Then we really wouldn't need school so I'm not sure about all those days and hours Obama is adding but I might get use to them.

Amber said...

Aaaaw...little sweetie! Good thing you had a talk. And ya, I'm pretty sure I could get used to them being in school longer. lol

DeNae said...

It sounds like it's time for the annual "Say No To Voter Intimidation" program at the ol' elementary school. What kind of cool acronym could that make? SNOT-VI? Sorta like "Snot 6: Danger at the 2nd grade polls" We'll make T-shirts, have a little essay contest, put on a fake graduation. That'll show those educational fascists! DARE proponents, eat your hearts out!

Amber said...

Oh, I love thee!