Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Such a Good Week

This week has gone by so fast! The best part of this past week was the arrival of our new little niece, Kennedy! She's absolutely adorable! She arrived on Wednesday, Oct.1st. Weighing in at 6 lbs 7 oz and 19" long. She's so tiny and sweet! Just in case you missed the last post, Harley is almost a full 8 lbs bigger than her and 7" taller! It's amazing how fast they grow. Of course, Harley was still growing on the inside when he was as little as she is.

Congratulations Jason and Alison!!!

Speaking of Harley...he just continues to bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. He's the most good-natured baby ever. I know I've said that a million times but it's TRUE! Lately, he laughs (he likes to see himself in the mirror) and he pulls his feet up to his mouth and he just "tells" the most amazing stories. Hayden and Avery and Dalton still think he's pretty neat. He'll almost always have a laugh for his siblings. And they love to be the one to make him do it. Up until this point he's been really enjoyable and I've loved every second of his life, but now it's turning into real fun. He's so much fun!

Look how cute my boys are!!!

This coming weekend will be the annual Girls' Weekend!! Avery and I are so excited! We're going to Cedar City to do crafts and slumber parties and eat and probably laugh our butts off with the other girls in our family. We were hoping (long shot, I know) that Alison and Kennedy would join us but it looks like Ali's going to milk this whole "I just had a C-section and now I have a new baby" thing so they'll have to wait till next year :)

I'll for sure post pix of the weekend when I get back!!


Laurel said...

Yeah, you got a great baby and you get to go away for the weekend. Blah blah blah. J/K.
Your baby is cute. Have fun on your weekend getaway.

Martin Family said...

I can't believe how BIG your boys are... but yes, they are cute!!!