Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!! I guess..

OK, can I just say that I really understand the benefits of "trunk or treating". You get to accomplish an entire evening of trick-or-treating in a matter of 10 minutes, YAY! But seriously, where's the fun? Aren't our children lazy enough? Now all they have to do is walk around a parking lot or half of a street and call it good. Meanwhile, the people who DON'T live on that street or who DON'T go to church are sitting at home waiting for cute little trick-or-treaters to come...and they don't. Whatever happened to the good old days when we started trick-or-treating on our way home from school and didn't stop until all the lights on the street were off? We used pillow cases and we FILLED THEM UP! We RAN from house to house and we held out our bags and waited for the people to give us the candy. We didn't stick our fat little hands in the candy bowl and take 3 or 5 or 12 pieces of candy! Oh, but before all of this we said, you know, TRICK-OR-TREAT!

I hate trunk or treating. I think it should be banned. I'm about to go outside and turn off my cute pumpkin lights and give all the trunk or treaters the finger...well at least their parents.

On a less cynical, grumpy was really fun. I think my kids go to one of the last schools that lets the kids dress up and do the time-honored tradition of the costume parade. I LOVE IT! Those kids are so dang cute! Some parents are just waaaay past clever. My poor kids had to wear store-bought costumes...which they looked ADORABLE in! My camera's battery is dead and I left the charger at Kim's :( (frown because I didn't get any pictures of Hayden and Avery in their costumes and frown because I want another girls weekend!) But Alison and I had the babies' pictures done this week so I'll post them.

I really, really, really love Halloween! I'm just buggin' because we didn't get any trick-or-treaters that weren't our friends. So, "thank you" to the Anderson's and to Kristin for bringing your cute littles over to trick-or-treat. And to everyone else, we have a TON of candy left if you're interested!
Kennedy is a spider and Harley is a bat.

P.S. Feel free to comment. Seriously. I feel like a big fat loser when nobody comments, know...COMMENT!!! It's easy. Just register. Not difficult.


Laurel said...

Hey, guess what we did last night? We went trunk or treating! And then walked around the neighborhood. Thanks for the finger. I'll pay you back someday.

Amber said...

Well at least you commented! You're forgiven for the trunk or treating bc you commented and you went around the hood!