Monday, October 13, 2008

Girls' Weekend!!!

Oh my heck! We had so much fun! Avery and I and mom and Jill and London got to Cedar City on Friday night and went out for some Mexican food. YUM! Then we just hung out that night. Avery got to have Coke with her dinner because we were on vacay & some rules were going to be ignored. The main reason I don't like the kids to have Coke or Pepsi is because of the caffeine. Plus it's bad for their teeth, etc. So after TWO refills at dinner I cut her off of the Coke. Later that night she proved me right by staying/keeping me up til 1:30 in the morning!!! She read a couple of books to me and then talked my ear off! Needless to say, she had Sprite or water the rest of the weekend.

The next morning she was up bright and early! I slept in a little. We had a mellow morning. We went to an art show at SUU and then went to St. George for lunch and went to a craft store. We were hoping to meet DeNae and her girls for lunch but ended up not being able to hook up. They were on their way to Cedar so it was OK.

When we all got to Cedar that evening we bought our stuff for the stitching project we'd had planned and then went & got a TON of junk food and went back to Kim's to eat and sew. We also took tons of pictures. So fun! That night was so much fun because we were all able to hang out and enjoy each other and laugh. The most important thing we did was make memories. For all of us but especially for our daughters. I love Love LOVE this tradition and I hope we'll always keep it.

That night we all stayed up til about 1:00 am and when Avery and I went to bed she read to me some more so we didn't get to bed any earlier than we did the night before. It was OK, though, because we made more memories.

The next morning Dennis made us a yummy breakfast and we visited some more. DeNae and her girls left first and the rest of us left about an hour later. It was another successful girls' weekend!

We really do miss our sisters-in-law! They are our sisters and we feel their void when they're not with us. I know I speak for all of us when I say I hope they'll join us next year!!!

Thanks again, Kim and Den for hosting all of us! Dennis is such a good sport! I'm so thankful to have sisters. I hope Avery gets to have one but if not, I'll make sure she and I are always close.

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