Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Three Most Favorite Little People

Birthday in T minus 2 days...

OK, since I have three kids I guess I should do a post for them. (Sheesh! It's supposed to be all about MEEEE!!!) So here are three little facts about each of my kids:


  1. His left index finger is bent because he has sucked it since he was a newborn. He doesn't do it on purpose now but he wakes up most mornings with it in his mouth.
  2. He can put both legs behind his head. He calls this trick "The Human Pretzel".

  3. He knows everything there is to know about Star Wars. Which is WAAAAAY more than I EVER wanted to know.


  1. She is the most friendly, outgoing child I've ever known. She'll make a friend everywhere she goes. Even if it's in line at Wal-Mart and they'll only be friend for exactly 13 seconds.

  2. She can't say her "R's".

  3. She LOVES to eat deer meat with Tavis. Ew.
  4. (OK, I know it's supposed to be just three but last night after I posted this I remembered something and since it's my blog, I figured I could do whatever I want!) When she was 5 she broke her arm (both bones) and two weeks after she got her cast off she broke her leg. It was brutal. For me.


  1. He has four teeth!

  2. He says "mamamamama" whenever he sees me. (*swoon*)

  3. His most favorite thing to play with is power cords.


DeNae said...

For all those who come after me, let me tell you: If you want to know what Amber looked like as a little girl, look at that picture of Avery.

And of course Hayden has a trick called the Human Pretzel. That kid, apparently, was born without bones. He's as bendy as pipe cleaner, that one!

Are you sure Harley isn't saying, "Aunt DeNae is awe-SOMMA" when you walk into the room? Because that's pretty much what everybody else says.

Keely said...

omg...Avery is SO cute. Well, they all are, but she's just a little charmer isn't she?

You make beautiful babies!

Kristina P. said...

They are all beautiful, but that picture of Harley is adorable!!

Casey said...

Very cute kids indeed! I think Harley and my kids would get along, they love power cords too. Elliot chews on them, not cool. We had to have an electrician install outlets by the ceiling in their rooms since they wouldn't leave the baby monitor cables alone. Sigh.

mrsbear said...

Your kids are adorable. And I so want to eat your baby a nice way.

wendy said...

That photo of Harley is a blast. Such cute kids ---however, first son wearing the Ute shirt would make my husband happy!! but I am a BYU fan. He is still cute.