Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't Eat Yellow Snow

Today on my Facebook I posted "Amber Stubbs...hates people." And it's true. They're not nice and they're irritating and I hate them.

OK, I only hate the kind of people who STIFF WAITRESSES!!!!! That's right. I got stiffed. Not once, my friends. But twice. Last night, due to an error on my part that caused ZERO inconvenience to my guests, my manager had to buy their meals. To the tune of $40. (BTW, if this had happened at Rib City I'd have had to pay the $40 and then been fired.) So instead of being grateful they got a free meal and leave a generous tip they left me nothing. NOTHING. I hate them.

Then today I had a table of three. Their ticket was $50. I should have known they were gonna be trouble when the dude asked if there was free refills on the flavored lemonade and I told him they were $.50. So he then asked if refills were free on iced tea and when I told him they were he went with that. Then the jack-a** asked if he could get an extra hamburger patty on his cheeseburger and when I told him sure, for a little extra money he went with the standard one patty.

It's always so exciting, as a waitress, to open the little black book to see what treasure lies inside. I like to wait til I'm all the way in the back before I open it. It's kinda like Christmas. Minus the gifts. And the tree. And the family. And the kids chucking their socks over their shoulder and diving in to get another gift. (Quick! What movie is that from?)

So imagine my surprise when I opened these people's little black book and found that they left me a big, fat, freaking ZERO. I hate them, too.

But that's not all. See, they only signed their credit card receipt. They didn't fill in the tip amount or the total amount. Not gonna lie...I was sooooo tempted to fill in a $20 tip and total it to $70. Not only did they not stiff me but they left me a 40% tip!!! DAMN THAT CONSCIENCE OF MINE!!!!! I couldn't bring myself to do it. I guess $20 isn't worth going to hell over. Or worth getting fired over.

I think I'd have a better chance of talking my way out of hell than finding a new job right now.

So here's a tip for you: Always fill in your tip amount and always fill in the total amount on your credit card slips. You might not get a server as scared of Satan as I am.

So, people? Tip your server. Tip her/him well if they deserve it. But for the love of all that is good and holy, please don't stiff them!!! Seriously, who does that???

People I hate. That's who.


Sarah said...

I have NEVER stiffed a waitress. Even if they deserved it. That is like pulling food right out of their kids mouths. They make so little to begin with, I know that they live on tips.

Kristina P. said...

Adam and I went to our favorite place, Chilis, yesterday, (no BBQ sauce shower, surprisingly), and a table walked out on the entire check on a waitress! She was freaking out! She was yelling, "They had kids and everything!" CRAZY.

wendy said...

That would suck for sure (can I say suck, my best friend hates it when I say such)

first hubby was ONE YOU WOULD HATE as he didn't believe in tipping. Said it was subsidizing (sp) managment. it was embarassing

second hubby tipped REALLY well most all the time

third hubby is a good tipper, but wants the service to match the tip

sheeeesh----------maybe a tip for me would be ---------HOW MANY FREAKING TIMES ARE YOU GONNA GET MARRIED

Satan can be scarry for sure

DeNae said...

So, my policy is, if you kept the diet coke coming and didn't make me ask you twice for a little sour cream on the side, then you get something in the neighborhood of 17%.

If you're fabulous and keep the dirty dishes off my table and don't interrupt my conversations and do everything on the above list, then I have no problem with 20%. It's easy to tabulate and you're worth every penny.

If you ignored my table and made me ASK for that diet coke and my food was cold when it came and you forgot my side o' sour cream, then you get 10%.

And if you stiff my little sister, you get a horse's head in your bed.

And, duh! A Christmas Story!! The only true and living Christmas movie on the earth today! Let's watch it next weekend!

tammy said...

I should be your customer. I almost always do at least 20%. You would have to suck really really bad to get nothing. Even if you spilled a drink on me, I would still tip you.

What bugs me is when women I'm out with get their calculators out and figure the tip to the exact penny. Why not just round up to make a nice even number? That's my little peeve.

Mrsbear said...

Even when I get less than stellar service I leave at least 15. It sucks you got stiffed twice in one night. I'm sure their tipping practices will come back around to haunt them some day, if that's any consolation. ;) And people totally suck. Not all of them. Just some.

The Perkins Post said...

Yes people are so rude who would ever do that, do you realize waitress make a whole $2.13 an hour so come on and TIP!! I have been stiffed once or twice and it sucks, it makes me feel like I did a bad job even if I KNOW I did a good job. And I hate when "nice" people tip badly, I had a table on Sat who was so nice there kids were cute and they talked and laughed with me the whole time then they left me the dreaded $5 on $40 I hate getting 5 on 40 it is the worst!!

The Perkins Post said...

The Perkins Post...that was me D'Laina FYI

M-Cat said...

I hate those mean people too! remember Karma though? They'll get theirs.


Sher said...

Dumb stingy people. If they can't afford to tip, then they should just go eat at McDonalds!

Love you!

Casey said...

Oh, I hate people too. I know exactly what you mean about it being exciting to see what the tip was and like you, I always waited til I was safely out of sight. Getting stiffed is THE WORST. Sorry.

GreenJello said...

I like to tip well (unless the service sucked). And I always tip in cash.

annie valentine said...

That's because we live in Utah, land of the tithing tippers. Yeah, I served here for three years. Yuck.