Monday, November 16, 2009

She Came Back to Bite Me

So I got to work on Saturday and not long after I got there one of the girls I work with spilled a drink on a customer. It made such a mess that they had to move to a different table. Now, I don't really love this girl. She's kinda b*tchy. So naturally, I thoroughly enjoyed her misfortune. When my friend, D'Laina, got there a couple hours later I told her the humorous story.

"Haha, Lame Girl spilled a drink all over her table and they had to move. Haha..."

Remember my last day of training? Well the table I was headed to that night was table 7. And on Saturday I was given table 7 for the first time since that fateful day.

As I walked toward my table of four I was remembering the day I slipped and dropped all the drinks all over the place and how bad that sucked and how bad it would suck to do that again. I got to table 7 and began distributing their drinks. As I was setting down the second to last drink I literally thought to myself, "I wonder how this guy feels about a drink in his lap". Seriously. I really did think that. I don't know why I thought that. I just did. So I leaned across the table to set down the second to last drink and in so doing, I tipped over the last drink on the tray. It went all over the guy!!! I'm not kidding! Why would I have been thinking that? And then it happened!! Of course we all freaked out. He jumped up with water in his lap.

D'Laina came up to me and said, "really, Amber? And after you were just making fun of Lame Girl."

She helped me clean the guy up. One of the bussers helped, too. The guy was way cool about it. Kept telling me not to worry about it when I apologized 9 million times. D'Laina said that when I walked away his wife asked if he was OK and he said, "ya I'm fine but my balls are frozen."

Ba ha ha ha!!!!! Oh my heck, that's funny!

So the moral of this story is this: Karma--she's a b-word. Trust me. I work with her.


Emma said...

lol. I love your story's they always make me laugh.

I would have done the same thing, glad he was nice!!!!

Jessica said...

Gotta hate it when karma is so in your face obvious.

Kristina P. said...

Your family has problems with spilling food on unsuspecting people.

BTW, the BBQ sauce came out of my shirt. :)

Love you!

DeNae said...

So the question, Kristina, is why do you continue to be unsuspecting? You have now eaten with us multiple times, so why aren't you showing up wearing a raincoat?

And I am not ONE BIT SURPRISED that this happened. The only real surprise is that it didn't happen to me. As you know, the universe never lets me get away with ANYTHING.

But someone was looking out for you; it was just water.

And I'm not too worried about his pelotas. The properly motivated man could use them if he'd been stuck in a glacier for ten thousand years.

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you didn't spill anything on us when we came in last. I can't have Elton having frozen balls.

SO said...

Bahahaha!!!! That is a fabulous story.

I always try to stay on Karma's good side just because of stories like this.

wendy said...

Don't cross Karma.
I love that you keep spilling drinks. It is so your M.O. I want to come to your resturant just so you can spill a drink on ME. It would be like a bonding moment.

apparantly when you were helping the guy get wiped up ------you didn't sufficiently warm up the koo-yans.

I always spill drinks. I have spilled a drink on hubby 3 times now while we have been out. In fact, when we go out now, I just feel like dumping a drink on someone's lap to just "get it over with" so I can enjoy myself.

veronica said...

So....did they leave you a tip?

tammy said...

Your work stories are hilarious.

I wanna know if they tipped you too?

AS Amber said...

YES! They gave me a nice tip. I think it was the full 10% that Utah county people usually tip.

I'm kidding. It seems like it was pretty decent. I gave both couples free dessert.

Michael, Dlaina & Ethan Lindsay said...

haha that was great, at least the guy was cool, plus you are way cooler and funnier than "lame girl" anyways...karma is a *B*

M-Cat said...

that Karma. Hate her guts! I have permanent bite marks in my ass.

For the record, I am lauging. WITH you.