Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh. My. Heck.

OK, so I'm about to tell you something that I KNOW you're going to have a ton of advice about but trust me, I know what I need to do about it. I just don't have the energy to deal with it right now.

Harley sleeps with us now.

It flippin' sucks. I hate it. It started probably 3 months ago when he got really, really sick. He was having way high fevers and we just put him in bed with us so we'd get some sleep. He recovered about a week later and for the next week-ish we worked on getting him back on his routine. Which we pretty much had accomplished until my dad died. Then for the next week or so we were back and forth to Tooele. Sleeping at my mom's with him in bed with us. I spent the night out there several times without Tavis, and long story short, he sleeps with us now.

So now he won't nap in his bed, either. Before, I'd put him to sleep then lay him down in his bed which was hassle enough but now if I even breathe like I'm going to stand up to take him to bed he wakes up. So I either hold him through his naps or I attempt to lay him on the couch.

As you can well imagine, by the time I've spent the entire night with him, all morning, held him for 2 hours while he naps, spent all evening with him, I'm MORE than ready for a little alone time. So I've started staying up waaaaay too late. It's the only time of day where I don't have anyone clinging to me or talking to me or climbing on me. So I'm staying up til like 2:00 in the morning!!! Not. Good. Especially when I've got to get up and get my older kids off to school by 8:30.

This whole story is not the point of this post. No, here comes the point. Last night while I was staying up too late I was sitting on the couch and at 12:15 am the entire sky lit up. Like noon-day. It lasted for about 5 seconds. I could only see out my back window but I saw the ENTIRE yard. It was literally as if the sun had been turned on.

I. Was. Terrified.

I seriously felt all the blood run out of my face and upper body. I went all cold and just froze. I didn't know what to do! Should I get up and see what's out there? What if it's something I don't want to see? So I went upstairs to my room (which also looks out over the back yard) and looked out the window. That way my tough husband could save me from whatever it was that had just lit up the night. But I saw nothing. I was kind of expecting to see a helicopter with a spotlight but, really, if it had been a spotlight there would have needed to be like 100 spotlights to make a light as bright as this one.

So I go back downstairs and ponder what I'd just seen. While I was sitting there, the windows started shaking. (By now I'm ready to pee my pants.) I'm not a huge believer in UFO's but I'm also not an un-believer. I have no reason to doubt there are life forms out there other than ours. Then I thought maybe a transformer blew. But my power was still on and so was my neighbor's. So I post it on my facebook. Ask what the crap was that thing???

And this morning I found out. It was a meteor! I didn't know we were supposed to be having a meteor shower but apparently a lot of people did. How cool is that??? I actually got to see it! Stuff like that never happens to me! I always miss the cool stuff.

So I'm going to try to post the story on here but I'm not holding my breath on it working so go here and you can see the 2 minute and 50 second story.

Very cool.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing stuff. (The meteor, not your bed problem.) I would have had about 1,000 worst-case scenarios run through my mind, too.

"Honey, quick! Dig a bunker."

Kristina P. said...

I read about it yesterday, but I didn't see it! I'm sort of sad.

I wish you could have stayed longer yesterday! Love your guts!

Suzy said...

I would have totally thought it was a spaceship.

Martins said...

I totally missed it.. .I was at work I think. I got called in, as usual! So, I TOTALLY understand your Harley problem Kaden was the worst, he slept with us from day one, but we were much better with Carter and got him on a really good routine... It was awesome. When it was nap time I would just put him in bed and that was the end of it, Same with bed time. I don't know when it happened, but now if we take him to bed he just screams pointing towards our room and saying "bed", so he falls asleep in our bed, then we take him to his better, but if we jump the gun too soon he wakes up and cries and points at our room.. I feel for ya! Good luck!

Martins said...

That's supposed to say bed... not better... hmmm. I don't know where that came from!

wendy said...

A meteor!!!!!!! Holy freaking smokes Amber.
Maybe there were aliens on it, taking photos of your house, putting you on their "visiting teacher list" for THE DAY THE WORLD COMES TO AN END. (isn't that supposed to be 2012.
Crap, I've got alot of repenting to do before then.

That seriously would have been so cool ------worth peeing your pants over.

Motherboard said...

I really did see aliens when I lived in Illinois. IT was on the news and everything. They even did an A&E UFO show about it. I am totally not even kidding.

I wish I would have seen that! All the cool stuff happens to you.

(don't feel bad. Moxie likes my bed too. Does that mean they are meant for each other?)

DeNae said...

Seriously, seriously cool. I'd heard about it, too, but the last one that was supposed to happen (a couple of months ago) turned out to be a bust. I think we were expecting fireworks. Or that thing that YOU got to see.

I have absolutely no advice about the Harley-in-your-bed conundrum. I know. I think I'm sick.

GreenJello said...

I was sleeping and I missed it. Bummer. Lucky you! But I bet it was as scarier than hell.

Emma said...

Wow I bet that was really cool to see live!!!

Ok for your little man you need to super nanny him, which means put him in his bed and sit on the floor until he falls asleep on his own, and every time he gets of his bed put him right back no talking. YOu can do it. I had to with my 2 year old. Good luck.

Just SO said...

I missed it! So cool that you got to see it though.

M-Cat said...

And to think I was waiting for you to ask our advice on what to do about Harley.
Dont ask me. Our boys slept with us forever. It felt like forever. And now, what I wouldn't give for my Tuffster to crawl in and snuggle with me.

For hells sake enjoy it.

Casey said...

First off, sorry about Harley's new sleeping arrangements. Graham has been screwing with our sleep lately too and I do the same thing, stay up waaaaaaaaay too late just to have some alone time.

That meteor story sounds terrifying. Once, our entire house shook and there was a huge boom and I was home alone and FREAKED since Jamie's flight was landing soon and I thought his plane crashed. It turned out some fighter jets were doing training runs and came back in at mach speed. They got so many 911 calls that night!