Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's In a Kiss?

I was watching "What Not to Wear" (which, by the way, if anyone wants to do a favor to humanity, you'll sign me up for that show. I promise to get half the wardrobe in your size so we can share.) the other day and at the end, when the woman had her big reveal, it showed her kissing her husband. And for some reason it got me thinking.

I absolutely LOVE to kiss. And I'm not necessarily talking about the passionate, lust-filled kissing. Although, I'm certainly down for that once in a while, too. No, I'm talking about the "peck". I love to do it. I bet my kids have been kissed 12 million times in their lives. Harley has just barely started blowing kisses. (Ya, it's every bit as darling as you think it is.) And he smacks his lips together making the noise when I do it first. Every parent looks forward to the day when they can say to their baby, "kisses?" And right on cue, their baby leans in and opens their little mouth and gives a kiss. It absolutely melts your heart. And it's one of the first things we want to teach our babies.

I love that my ten-year-old son still kisses me on the mouth. And for that matter, he still kisses his dad on the mouth, too. I kissed my parents good-bye well into my junior high years. Maybe even high school.

So as this woman gave her husband several pecks it made me think of just how much I love to kiss Tavis. I love the sound it makes. I love that we do it without even thinking about it. We kiss four times every night before we go to sleep. Peck, peck, peck, peck. We kiss every time one of us leaves and gets home.

So what is a kiss? What's in a kiss? Why is it the universal sign of affection? I'll bet every single one of us can remember our first kiss. (Mine was in kindergarten, under the table with David H. He would later be my first "french" kiss during the summer before 8th grade. I almost suffocated because I couldn't figure out how to breathe for the first minute. He was never my boyfriend, though.) And I bet we can all remember the first kiss with the guy who would become our husband. Who among us didn't practice our "you may kiss the bride" kiss with our spouse before the big day? Will we use tongue? How long will it last? Will we do it like this? Or like this?

I'm interested in your take on kissing. I'm guessing that my "crew" of followers is big into kissing. Lemme know what you think!


Mrsbear said...

I love kisses. I'm forever kissing the kids. The older they get the less they appreciate it though. And every time my husband and me kiss in front of my kids, my teen will immediately vacate the premises. There's usually lots of eye-rolling involved.

Kristina P. said...

I like to kiss my husband's cheeks, when he is clean shaven. I make out with my Snuggie sometimes.

wendy said...

Oh Amber, I'll have to email you on this one (I have some stories) BUT for this comment box, yeah kisses are great. Ones we give to our parents, the ones we juice all over our kids, the passionate ones for our spouse, the ones even for our friends. I love a kiss ---blowing kisses, catching kisse. Ahhhh
I love kisses on my neck --from hubby of course.

Melissa said...

I'm all about the kiss. I especially like the greet me good friends hug and cheek kiss!

DeNae said...

When we moved back from Puerto Rico, I had to very conscientiously subtract the 'kissing other women on the cheek' habit from my "Hi, how are ya?" routine. Even now, when my cleaning lady and her mom come over, we greet each other with that lovely hispanic tradition. We've kissed out kids on the cheek for years, a habit that started one cold-intensive winter in Seattle and which we never gave up. And my husband has been out of town for a week, so don't get me started on how much I miss kissing him!

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the first kiss with my husband! It was awesome. I will also never forget my first kiss ever. It was the exact opposite of awesome. :)

Casey said...

I'm a kisser too... I can't stop kissing on my poor kids either.

My friend told me she's going to nominate me for "What Not To Wear" since I always wear my ratty Muppets t-shirt everywhere. At least I'm comfy.

SO said...

Honestly I'm not a big kisser. I do love touching though. I reach out and touch my kids on the arm or on the head when they pass me. And I never say no to a hug...or a kiss for that matter. And all my kids will still give me a kiss even my 14 year old. But with my husband I'm more of a hand holder or arm toucher than a kisser. Not sure why.

Motherboard said...

I love to kiss the top of Moxie's head. Its soft and smells good.

I didn't stop following you... I just went all private like. (and I havent' been commenting 'cause I've been gone)

Sher said...

I LOVE kissing! I love smooching my chubby babies cheeks (and if you have a baby with chubby cheeks, it's really hard for me to resist, but I try really hard not to kiss other people's babies).
I also like to make out with Clint, but unfortunately he does not. Ever since he figured out that kissing can lead to "other stuff" he'd rather skip straight to the "other stuff"
Sometimes he'll lean in like he's going to kiss me, then make some really goofy face instead.
Rude. You'd think after 10 years, he'd get over it. Or I'd get over it.

GreenJello said...

I have minor personal space issues, so kissing isn't a huge thing for me. I'd rather hold hands or hug.

Not to say I don't like kissing, 'cause I do. I just like the snuggly stuff better.

veronica said...

I think kissing is good for a lot of reasons.
I saw this quote the other day:

Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other. ~Rene Yasenek

Kristina P. said...

Hey, you! I'm just checking in with you. Where have you been?

I hope you're coming to my next blog lunch@