Sunday, May 24, 2009

Give Oh Give Awaaaaaay

OK, peeps. You've got til Tuesday at midnight. I know I'm optimistic to think that too many more people give a rat's about this little give away, but I'm gonna drag it out a couple more days!

So go here and leave a comment and you're in!

Oh! And go here and enter Sher's giveaway, too! Seriously freakin' love this girl!


Casey said...

Yeah yeah, I entered.

Motherboard said...

I entered.

and I totally care.

Sher said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out!!!
You rock! Love you!!

SO said...

Amber I'm trying to get a hold of you about the dance festival but I can't find your number on my phone. Stoopid phone doesn't keep stuff on there long enough. Call me!!

wendy said...

Here I am AGAIN-----Me winnah, winnah, winnah
I love that primary song----------
OR was that the Theme song on Pretty Woman. can't remember, I am easily confused