Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random, I Guess?

Today is the one year anniversary of the last time I saw my dad alive. I'm kind of a wreck these days. The one year anniversary of his passing is rapidly approaching and it's gotten me all in a state.

Harley says the funniest things. Seriously, I know I say it a lot, but that kid is so freaking CUTE!!!

Any time we go over a bump in the road or a door slams or whatever he yells, "GEEZ, CAR!!" or "GEEZ DOOR!!!" So the other day we were in church and the deacons were handing the bread trays up to the priests. They clanged together and in the midst of the quiet Sacrament meeting Harley yells, "GEEZ BREAD!!!" A ha ha ha!!

The next Sunday, (last week) the passing of the Sacrament began and he says at full voice level, "EH WATER, COMIN'?" I whisper, "no, baby, it's the bread." Harley, "BREAD COMIN'?" Then after he takes his one piece he says, "I WANT MORE SAMMICH."

Remember when I told you about the old guy we scraped off the street? (Did I mention this guy was freaking ninety-two years old??) Well, a week later Harley and I went to his house to check on him and take him and his wife some cookies. We pulled up to the house and my TWO YEAR OLD says, "eh guy? Owie, eh head?" I know, right?? Just proving once again that he's kind of the coolest kid ever to have graced this earth.

School started and I guess I'm relieved. It's nice to be back on a schedule. After a rough first day for the boys things are looking like it's gonna be a good year. Did I already say the part about Tav's son living with us? He's 16. A junior. I was nervous at first, I won't lie. But it's been a lot better than I thought it would be. He helps a ton with babysitting Harley. And he and Hayden get along pretty good. My girl is left out a bit, so I need to make sure I give her as much of my time as possible.

And good things are happening around here.

That's it, I guess. Peace!


Kristina P. said...

Two posts in one week!?! Wish you were coming to see Georgia with me, today. I love you and miss you, and am thinking about you!

DeNae said...

Geez, Harley, stop being so cute!! You need to put the blue face pic of him up here so your readers can see what adorable genius looks like!

Glad to hear that things are working out over there. You're a good egg.

Go ahead and be a wreck. You're allowed.

GreenJello said...

You are brave to add a teen to the mix! We don't seem to get hubby's kids until they're 18 and get kicked out of mom's house.

I have to admit that I would have loved to be in Sacrament Meeting when Harley reprimanded the bread. :)

I miss 2 year olds!

wendy said...

You also said on facebook....about good things happening over there.
WHAT..............geez amber, don't leave me hanging.

Harley has a kinda of a good idea, little finger sandwiches would be aweseome for sacrament time.

Glad the old man is doing well.

I can imagine it will be hard for you on the anniversary of your dad's passing.
It would be perfectly ok, to have a moment, a little cry and heartbreak time.
but your dad is probably thinking......geez Amber, I am doing great. and I love you.
that's what I think

annie valentine said...

I totally thought of you and your dad last weekend, and we missed you so much. When am I going to see you already??

Sher said...

I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Seriously call me anytime you need to talk!

And that boy of yours is so cute. I need a Harley fix, we should do lunch.

Emma said...

The time does go fast... sorry....

I have a little one also, and the things they say a priceless. Good job mom on writing them down!!