Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Post That Almost Was

My friend Shanna did a post about her oven rebelling against new and alien foods being placed in it and I commented on that post which then inspired me to make my comment be my own blog post. (Whew! Was that the longest run-on sentence ever, or what??!!)

I wanted to post about Harley and his oven escapades. (Yes, more escapading.) I wanted to tell about how he LOVES to put things in the oven (including himself, at times) (ok, so he mostly just stands on the door but when I say "he puts himself in the oven", it sounds funnier) and how I always have to check inside before I heat it up to make sure there are no treasures in there.

I was going to tell about how last night, I heated up the oven for the funeral potatoes I made to go along with the ribs I (helped) made for Tavis's birthday dinner. (When it's my birthday, we go out. When it's his birthday, I have to cook. Blah.) But I didn't check this time.

I wanted to tell about how we all know the smell of burning plastic is unmistakable and that when I opened the oven door I saw Harley's Lightning McQueen cel phone in there, all bubbled up.

I wanted to tell you all of these things but when I went to take a picture of the phone I realized I must have thrown it away, already.

So never mind.


Kristina P. said...

I guess you'll just have to tell me all about it tomorrow!

Just SO said...

Melting plastic is one of the worst smells ever. Now, go dig through the garbage...it doesn't get picked until tomorrow...and find that phone!!

DeNae said...

Well I am just terribly disappointed, nay, chagrined, that I won't be able to read what promised to be a very entertaining post.

M-Cat said...

The real question is: was the food cooked in the oven edible or did it have the underlying smoked plastic taste to it?

Kazzy said...

A bubbling cell phone? I got a stomach ache over that image!

wendy said...

Did it ruin the funeral potatoes!! funny.

I remember one thanksgiving my oven caught on FIRE with the turky in it. I scrambled to put out the flames, the whole house was full of smoke...choking guests.
and when I told my hubby, he only asked "well, is the turkey ok"

and yes, I wanted photos