Monday, April 12, 2010

Actual Phone Conversation

Tavis: "Hello!"

Me: "Hi, babe! How's your day going?"

Tavis: "Pretty good. Just runnin' the equipment today." (Which explains his good mood. He loves to be in the equipment. Boys and their tractors!)

Me: "Well I just called to tell you I love you." (I'm nice like that.)

Tavis: "Aw, thanks! Love you, too!"

Me: "When do you think you'll be home?"

Tav: "I'm not sure. I'll call you when I get off this hoe."

Me: Long pause "Wow. Any other wife might be a little concerned about that statement."


Kristina P. said...

You crack me up. You reall are the Queen Ho.

wendy said...

SO FUNNY----------glad to see you are "open minded".
Every man needs a little hoe (or alot, depends)

DeNae said...

"And then I hung up and blogged about it!" That's why we are so tolerant and easy going; eventually it's all fodder for the next blog post!

(And did you tell him that if he came home early, he might find "nude hose" in the bedroom?)

Just SO said...

Ha! That's hilarious!

Motherboard said...

This is the best thing I've read in a long time!

Miss you and your lovely HO bones.

M-Cat said...

Hysterical! I wish Dave would actually talk to me while he's at work. He's a DONT BUG ME mode all the frigging time

tammy said...

Totally made me laugh. Out loud.

Sher said...


Reminds me of the conversation C and I had last week.
It went like this:
me: Ouch, my back hurts.
C: why?
Me: because I spent all day ho-ing
C: I really wish you would stop hoing around.
His comment was probably funnier than that, but I can't remember.

Kazzy said...

Hilarious pun! DeNae was singing your sisterly praises tonight. I am excited to read what you write!

Camille said...

Too funny! Yeah - any other wife would be a little concerned. :) I never got a chance to meet you at the Sassy GNO last wk, but I know you were really, REALLY excited to win a giveaway. :) Hope to see you at CBC.

Sarah said...

That is a great conversation!

Amber Lynae said...

LOL that is good Amber. My husband works on aircraft carriers so if he says he will call when he gets off of his hoe I think I will be much more concerned