Friday, March 5, 2010

Snuggly Buggly (my mom says that)

It seems the topic of old people has been on my mind a lot this week. On Wednesday my maternal grandpa would have turned 100 years old. He died at 88 1/2, so he lived a very long life. My grandma is still alive and kicking (butt) at the age of 96. Yes, she's a little slower and a lot deafer and requires constant care (which requires my mom to go tend her every other weekend) but she's sharp as a tack up there (taps side of head). She can tell you the names of all her grand kids, great-grand kids and great-great grand kids. (Yes, that's FIVE generations!!) She can tell you most of their birthdays or at least the general time they were born.

This is my grandma at my dad's funeral. No, she doesn't have a black eye. That thing's been there for as long as I can remember. I don't know what it is. DeNae, do you?

And on that same Wednesday I ate breakfast with my very good friend Kristina P. Who is doing something really, really great. She's doing a "Snuggies for Seniors" drive. If you don't know Kristina then A: you're really missing out on one of the funniest people ALIVE and B: she's kind of obsessed with the Snuggie. And by "kind of" I mean it consumes her every living, breathing thought.

Oh my heck, I did it!!! I "grabbed the button" and I put it on here! I've never done it before! YAYAYAYAYAYAY meeee!!! I don't know how to get rid of that line next to it, though. Baby steps.

So please, click on those cute little old people and do your part to keep these geezers warm! I know I will be!

After all, if we didn't have old people who else would give me a 10% tip???


AS Amber said...

Looks like the final draft didn't actually a have a line next to it. YAY!

Kristina P. said...

You, and old people, are adorable.

Did you write this post because of my guilt trip? I hope so.

DeNae said...

I think the thing on grandma's face is an alien. At least that's what it told me it was.

And I think KP's drive is awesome. I need to focus on what she's doing long enough to actually help.

And yay, you, for grabbing a button. What with you doing that and me uploading pix on my blog, we're just so, so evolved!

(BTW, good to see you back in the game, little sister. Wheah you bin?)

veronica said...

How nice of you to help advertise such a worthy cause. I personally own a snuggie (though I swore I never would) and I'm an excellent tipper. Maybe by outfitting all the small-tipping seniors with nice cozy snuggies we can make everything right with the world.

wendy said...

I guess you could say I am "joining the ranks" of OlD people.
I hope to be kicking butt too when (an if) I am in my 90's.
All you dang whiper snappers better watch out.

I wonder if It will be difficult changing my depends while wearing the snuggie.
love ya

wendy said...

I don't know HOW to grab the buttons???

wendy said...

I don't know how to grab the button??

wendy said...

Whoops, I said that twice.
Old people do that

Vanessa said...

Snuggies are awesome.

tammy said...

I love old people. Except when they flock to my state every winter and drive 10mph under the speed limit when I'm trying to drive somewhere.

Cute grandma. I just lost my last living grandparent. He was 94.

Moody said...

Your grandma is awesome! How cool would it be to live to see great, great grandkids?! And I agree about the tipping...but they're so dang cute and nice, I always forgive them for it!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I never knew my grandparents at all. But My daughter absolutely LOVES her great-grandfather on my husband's side!
Since he is blind from age she likes to feed him and lead him to where he needs to go. It's SO cute!

M-Cat said...

I freakin love old people.
Snuggies - not so much, but old people rock!