Friday, December 19, 2008

Texting: My Favorite Pastime

I got this idea from green jello. It's a really cute blog, you should check it out.

So I figure since I spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time texting, I'd share some of those convos. You're welcome.

Sunday, December 15, 2008
Convo with DeNae:

Me: Jake's gift has been sent. They said it would be there before Christmas. No one told ME Cmas was on the 25th this yr! It's gift-wrapped.

DeNae: You just be-booped me during the Sacrament. I'll watch for the gift.

Me: BAAAA! That's funny! Ever heard of "vibrate mode"?

DeNae: Yes. You just buzzed my belly.

A few minutes later...

DeNae: It's a good thing the Church is true. This idiotic youth speaker is giving a talk on the Christmas Shoes. I have to kill myself now.

Me: And now you are dead.

What's with the youth of today? Doesn't anyone have their dads write their talks anymore? I'm 32 and I don't think I've ever written my own talk!


Martin Family said...

haha.. We know alot of Ryan's... infact, I need to add another one, they finally got their blog done!! Kaden is getting a bike for Christmas... DARN IT! :) So... Texting during sacrament meeting huh..? Awesome!

DeNae said...

GAAA!! Now the whole blogging universe knows that I text during church! However, as long as I'm being outed, the worst of my texting stories is during October conference, when I texted Ed Thompson while he was ON TV CONDUCTING THE TABERNACLE CHOIR! I was just so darn proud of him I couldn't contain myself! And then, like two talks later, Elder Oaks stood up and actually called out we during-church texters! You gotta hate it when an apostle stands up and says, "Hey, you there! DeNae of Las Vegas, Nevada! Put away the cell phone and pay attention!"