Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sucky Things

Alternate title: "Who Needs Friends Anyway?" or "My Husband is Bipolar"

There are two sucky things in this post. The first is me. I got a starter for some Amish Friendship Bread from my friend, Laurel. I've gotten these in the past and have never seen it through to the end. It's the kind that you have to mash the bag for several days. Then add some ingredients to it. Then mash some more and on the tenth day, you bake it. It also creates 4 new starters. You keep one for yourself and give the rest to your friends. So I thought, "what a great idea! I'll bake this into little loafs and give them to my neighbors and give them a starter, too." So I did the mashing and baking and covering with tin foil and writing on the "to and from" things...and that's as far as I got. I did all this on Tuesday. It's now Saturday almost Sunday. I'm afraid that if I gave it to my neighbors now it'll be stale and I'll be embarrassed so I'll just leave them piled up on my counter, instead. Ya, I suck. I also have a LOT of starters if anyone wants one! I decided to try out one of the loafs. This bread is so dang yummy! If someone gives you a starter be sure to see it through to the end. Oh, and I recommend you LOOK at all the ingredients in the recipe and make sure you have them all in your house BEFORE you start the 10th day things. That way you won't have to make TWO trips to the store and ONE trip to your neighbor's house to get all of them. Not that that happened to me. I'm just sayin'.

The other sucky thing is the suckers we made tonight. The reason I say my husband is bipolar is because the man runs hot and cold. I honestly have a hard time keeping up. He's either wiggin' out because the kids' TV is one micro-decibel too loud or he's Johnny Let's Make Suckers Even Though I HATE To Be Sticky. Seriously, though, the kids had so much fun making those suckers! I've never made hard candy or suckers. I guess it's something Tav did quite a bit as a kid. It was a lot of fun. Look at the steam!

So we're gonna go to church tomorrow. We haven't been to our ward since Harley was blessed in July. We have to go see the Christmas program, though, right? It's been a pretty fun weekend. The kids are usually with their dad on the weekends but he went to the Las Vegas Bowl so we got to have them stay home. Hayden went with Tavis to Heber this morning to watch Dalton race his motorcycle. He pitched a HUGE, FAT FIT about going because he wanted to stay home and be lazy. I made him go, though because I knew he'd have a good time and Tavis really wanted him to go with him. Sometimes you have to force your kids to do things, right? The first thing he said to me when he walked in the door was, "thanks for making me go. It was so much fun." Well, DUH!!! Sometimes I think he's biologically related to Tavis. He does the same thing. He biotches and moans about doing SOOOOO many things and ends up having a good time. Always. Why can't they just be nice about it in the first place and save me a ton of irritation?

Dalton took 5th place, by the way. It was his first race ever so to take 5th is really good! He got a trophy. And not one of those trophies that everyone gets. YAY!

Hope you're all having a good holiday season. I love Christmas. I hate winter and Christmas is the only good thing to look forward to. Well, that and my birthday in February :)
We also went to dinner tonight with most of my family. We went for Mexican food and Madi put Harley on the cow (I think) pinata. It was seriously, so freakin' funny! That's Trae and London ducking out of the way. Love those kids so much!


Anonymous said...

I love that bread! I don't think it is too late to salvage at least the starters you have in the bags. The loaves you made...maybe :)

Laurel said...

HEy, I want one of those starters please. One of mine went all over the kitchen floor. I didn't even try to salvage that one!!
Isn't it funny how kids think you are so mean and so dumb and then they are so thankful to you? I wouldn't personally know because my kids never do that. They always listen to me.

Amber said...

Well, today was the day to add (did you know that if you accidentally hit the key next to the "d" while you're typing "add" you type a bad/funny word instead?) the fist set of stuff and I didn't do it so they're no good anymore. We'll have to wait til someone gives us another starter. I wonder if my neighbor did hers? She'd have some starters. Aw forget it. She probably just chucked it.

wendy said...

HEY, thanks for the comment on my Blog, It is such a fun surprise to get a comment from someone you don't know ----makes me feel like I am an official member of this blogging community/world. Keep in touch and have a great holiday.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Baking bread is a smell I have always loved. As long as I'm not the one doing it. Good luck with those starters, and I think Glade should make baking bread scents as well as Clorox Clean Up scents. Happy holidays!

Vodka Mom said...

I have NEVER made suckers. That looks like a sticky, gooey, FUN mess!!