Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's The Little Things

For the past week we've been dealing with the flu. Full on, swab the brain through the nose, diagnosed Influenza A. My little Harley.

You've never seen such a sad little boy. His eyes have been droopy. His voice has been so hoarse. He's been laying around. My typically non-complaintive baby has been super whiny. But still very sweet. He's had fevers as high as 103.5. We've bought Popsicles, push-pops, ice cream, apple juice, cranberry juice, Pedialyte. We've spent $30 for a new Vicks brand humidifier. $10 for a tub toy (What? He's sick and he wanted it. What was I supposed to say? No?? I didn't think so.). $50 for a prescription for Tamiflu. We've had more medicine end up on his shirt than in his tummy.

But today. Today he peed through his diaper and onto my sheets. And while this is usually very annoying because it means more laundry for me, today I'm grateful. It means his body isn't absorbing every single drop of fluid we put into it. He's not having a fever anymore. His nose is still a faucet. He's still coughing.

But today we had a very wet diaper and for that, I'm grateful. My lil' boy is on the mend.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, poor little guy! Maybe I should come over with a bottle of BBQ sauce to cheer him up.

DeNae said...

It's so hard to have sick kids. I'm glad to hear he's finally on the mend. You hate to see a little one taken down that long!

And isn't Kristina just one of the universe's natural nurturers?

M-Cat said...

He's breakin my heart! I'm watching Corbin sick with the flu too and even though he is a grown man - it still makes you feel bad.

I will however be grateful that he does NOT pee my bed.

Vanessa said...

Poor buddy. I hope he is back to himself soon!

wendy said...

fevers always scarred me the most. I would panic when my little ones ended up with high fevers/

nothing funny to say here my dear as I am just glad he peed!!!! and is getting better.

Kazzy said...

Oh, I hope you guys are all on the mend. I have swabbing my brain too. Hate it.

Rachel said...

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apprently ( according to the instruction) children from 2 to 12 can use it.