Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh, Lookie There! It's A Blog!

Oh hi there! Remember me? I'm the girl who used to blog but then my computer started being weird and then the holidays came and before I knew it, it'd been almost three months since my last post.

Today is Christmas day! It finally got here! And, like every single year, we got too much. This year I have no one to blame but myself. I did every single bit of shopping, wrapping, placing under the tree-ing, etc. Tavis did most of the earning, though.

I got a cute little netbook for Christmas! (DeNae it's just like yours only red.) It has a webcam so this is what my plan is: I'm going to start "vlogging". You see, I'm much funnier in person. In fact, I'm kinda the funniest "in person" person I know. But writing? Not so much. What do you think of this idea? The thing I don't think I'm gonna like about it is that I'll have to put on make-up to do a post. I hope it makes my posts more entertaining. And this way maybe you can see all of Harley's antics in live-action.

Ok, I'm off to visit family. I hope you all had a very happy Christmas. I know I sure did. Still missing my dad, but being with my family fills that hole in my heart.

Thanks for the computer, Tav!


Kristina P. said...

Yes, please. Your facial expressions are unmatched. Seriously. Merry Christmas!!

DeNae said...

It's true. You're a very funny in person person. And yay for the baby laptops! I adore mine! Merry Christmas little sister! Love you!

Kazzy said...

I think vloggi g is such a great option. I am ready to laugh...

Hope you had a great Christmas with your hubby's and kids!

wendy said...

YAY-----the funniest person I Know in Person is Baaaaaack.

Can't wait to see your vlogs. You don't need makeup, heck if I were to ask Kristina, she'd say you don't even need cloths.

I think it is a tribute to your dad that you miss him so much....cause you love him so much.....just like how I will feel about Matt for the rest of my life. It's how it is when you LOVE people.

now, on to vlogggggggin

Just SO said...

You will rock the Vlog! Do it!