Monday, December 14, 2009

I Know, I know. I Have Two Other Kids. Blah, Blah, Blah...

So I really don't have anything to blog about. I'm in a major funk lately. (I say "funk" because if I say "depression" my family worries.) You can tell from my previous post that I'm having a hard time without my dad. I really wish we could just fast forward the next few weeks...until February. Yeah...February would be nice. My birthday's the first day so let's hit the FF button and be done with the holidays and dark and dreary January!

OK, this really isn't going to be a "poor me" post. Probably more of a "Harley is so freakin' cute and here's all the cute stuff he does lately" post.

He says, "bye, hi, GEEEEZ!!!, mmm..mmm...mmm (which seriously has the tone of "don't want to"), dis (this)". There's probably more. But the one that's the funniest is GEEEEEZ!!! He says it at the appropriate times, too. Loud noise. Bump in the road. Dogs barking. Ya, it's adorable.

OH!!! He also says, "ho, ho, ho". He doesn't know who else says it but still. It's darling.

I outed Santa to him. I told him last year and this year that it's his dad and me. He'd have figured it out on Christmas morning anyway, since he's been with me when I've bought every single one of his gifts. Tavis has threatened me with....I got nothin'....if I out Santa next year.

Hey speaking of that. I have a 10 almost 11 year-old. Do you think he still believes? Last year he was on the fence about it. Had a lot of questions. This year he hasn't said a WORD about it. As if he knows but doesn't want to talk about it. I feel weird asking him what he wants Santa to bring him. I don't know why I feel weird. Even when he's a full-on "knower", I'll ask him what he wants Santa to bring him. How old were your kids when the cat got outa the bag? Avery, my 8 year-old, is still hip-deep in believing. It's so cute. I love it!

Harley's also addicted to the phone. He has to "talk" on the phone about ten times a day. During the Thanksgiving holiday he talked on anyone's phone he could get his hands on. At one point he got a "call", looked around the room, gave us a look as if we were making too much noise, and left the room. DeNae can vouch for this story. He gets my phone and punches the keys like he's texting. I have NO IDEA where he learned that from. Certainly not the obscene amounts of time I spend texting.

He literally undecorated our tree as fast as we got it decorated. The big kids would hang an ornament, he'd bring it back to me. Very helpful. So we had to make our tree look like this:

I put out less than half of my Christmas decorations because it would be an effort in futility. He and I watched Rudolph the other day and I loved it because I could recite the whole thing and he didn't yell at me to stop. In fact he liked it! I'm gonna watch Christmas Vacation with him next!

He's too tall. He can reach the top of the counters now. And bring me everything that's on them. Not that there's ever anything on my counters. They're always perfectly clean and free of clutter. Also, very helpful.

We got our first snow last week. (Finally. After it WARMED UP enough to snow!!!) He loved it! Why don't kids understand cold? He could go outside in his diaper alone and not miss a beat. Little frozen piggies and all. I got some cute pix of him in the first snow of the season. I like it right now. Talk to me in a couple weeks...oh wait! You won't have to because we're fast-forwarding, remember! YAY!

Do you ever do the thing where you start thinking, "my kids are totally getting the shaft this Christmas. I've gone through everything I've bought for them and ya, it's not much." So then you go out and buy a bumload of stuff and hit the panic button because now you're thinking, "crap, I've bought too much stuff for my kids." I knew you did. You're my kinda people!

Am I the only one who really doesn't want anything for Christmas this year? I really don't. There are plenty of things I'd like to have, sure. But I'm just not feeling like I want to spend the money on stuff just for the sake of having crap under the tree. I really and truly just want to be with my family. We're staying at my mom's on Christmas Eve. My sister Kim and her family will be there, too. This is all I need. Well, this and the rest of my siblings to be there! (I'm looking at you, DeNae.)

Alright. That's enough nonsense for one post. Are you all enjoying DeNae's salute to fudge? If you're not you MUST go over and enjoy yourself.


DeNae said...

Harley is indeed a total phone junkie. He's even taking a call in the family picture we took over Thanksgiving. (Which is still more pleasant than what Carsen was doing, which was mostly spinning his head counter-clockwise and screaming "Redrum! Redrum!")

And yes, I hit the panic button every Christmas. It's genetic. We inherited it from mom.

David finally came to his dad at age 13 and said, "What's the story on Santa? I'm having some embarrassing conversations at school." Hayden's got a good year in him still. We outed the big elf to Jake in July; it seemed the most humane way. Why would you want to find out 'minutes before zero hour'?

val of the south said...

I think my kids know - but they're afraid to say anything for fear they won't get presents!

I HATE the guilt thing! Every year I decide a budget for each kid and then last minute when we've reviewing what we've bought, it never seems enough and I'm out buying more. This year it shouldn't be a problem though, seeing as I haven't even started shopping yet - so I'll be doing the first shopping at the last minute :)

Kristina P. said...

I need my Harley fix! Are you bringing him Saturday? BTW, I totally forgot about your Ward Christmas party on Saturday. I could have used a night out. Adam was gone, and I didn't have a great weekend.

Sher said...

Cute baby! I found a cute pic of Harley on my camera the other day. I'll have to email it to you.

So, here's my take on outing Santa to your kids. DON'T DO IT!

My mom swore she believed in Santa, even up to the time I came home from college. She still does.
Whenever we would question her, she's always come up with some creative answer and say, "I don't know what you're talkinga bout. I believe in Santa Claus."
I plan on carrying on that tradition with my kids.

p.s. I can't wait to see you Saturday!

Sarah said...

I am afraid I am gong to have to sit my 11 year old down next year and tell her that Santa just isn't real. It's going to break both of our hearts, but I just can't have her going to Junior High thinking that he is real.

DLaina said...

I think I was about 10 when I stopped believeing, so I bet it is safe to say he doesn't he just doesn't want to say it! The twins are 7 and they totally believe isn't that the best! I've already bought Ethan way too much...and Mike ummmm....I've bought him one thing, and yes I really don't want anything either there is plenty of stuff I WANT but don't wanna waste my money on it but I'm sure Mike will go overboard anyways and buy me way too much... anyhow Harley is so cute and Eth is the same way always wants to be outside!!

Martins said...

What a cutie! I am totally with ya on the Christmas thing! Mark keeps asking me what I want, and I tell him, I want to pay off a bill. I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy, but right now some financial security is more important than him misinterpreting my list... Anywho, I also think my kids got the shaft this year, but didn't bother going out to buy more stuff. I felt bad at first, but I think they'll survive! Have a great Christmas!

tammy said...

I'm with you all the way. My hubs keeps asking me what I want, and I really don't want anything. I'd rather have the money in the bank. Unless he wants to buy me wood floors. That, I'm okay with. And I do the whole kid thing exactly like you described.

My oldest finally figured it out at 11 I think. He never really came out and said he doesn't believe, but you could just tell. I'm glad he lasted until 11. I hope my youngest one can. I always tell them that I believe.

I know this Christmas will be hard for you without your Dad, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

M-Cat said...

I gave Splenda my one wish, and it's almost done. Posting to come as soon as finished.

Casey said...

Aww, he's such a cutie pie! Elliot does the "HO HO HO" thing too and I love it. Both kids drag all the crap off of the counters every day and it's annoying.

I'm in a funk too. Completely funkified.