Sunday, July 20, 2008

Harley's Blessing

Today was a special day for our family. Our little Harley was blessed by his grandpa Powers. He was such a good boy! He didn't fuss or anything. He looked so handsome. I know I've said it before but we are so blessed to have this little guy in our home.

This weekend was the Stubbs Family reunion so Tavis's family wasn't able to join us. We had an enjoyable time in Vernal yesterday visiting with Tav's aunts and uncles and cousins. I was hoping everyone could line up on either side of the road so we could parade the newest member of the Stubbs family through the camp :)

Harley also got to meet his great-grandma Ellen. She was really cute with him. She sang to him and talked to him. He smiled at her. It was so nice to see her looking so healthy.

We would like to thank our friends and family for supporting us on this special day for our little Harley. In attendance were: Grandma and Grandpa Powers, Aunt DeNae, Aunt Jill, Uncle Kevin, Uncle Jason, Aunt Alison. Cousins: Cori, Jacob, Kanyon, Trae, Lincoln. Friends: Chance and Niki and Hunter Gledhill, Scott Gygi, Lacey and Gracie Silverio. Standing in the circle were Grandpa Powers, Chance Gledhill, Scott Gygi and Bishop Evans.

We have such an awesome family. We are truly blessed.
PS I know I have two of the same pictures on here but I couldn't figure out how to delete one of them. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know!

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