Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Which I Get Over Myself

On Tuesday a guy came and posted a flier on my door. It said they'd be working on the sewer something-or-other thing on Thursday (today) and not only did we need to make sure our vehicles were off the street by 6:30 AM but starting at 7:00 AM we'd be without water. For ten-twelve hours. TEN to TWELVE HOURS!!!! Now, I don't know about you but to me, that's all freaking day!!! I quickly called Tavis to tell him of this ridiculous thing but he didn't answer. So my next best thing was to fire off a text to my bestie and tell her the city of Pleasant Grove actually expects me to go all day without water.

"How can they ask that of people?" Say, I. "I have a child! How can I go all day without water when I have a CHILD???" I asked. "Why can't they work on it for a few hours one day, and a few hours the next day?" I whined. "This is inSANE! They can't do this to people!"

Her reply? "Well, just hope none of you has to go #2." (True, dat!)

"But what about the toilet paper from #1? Just throw it away? GROSS!!"

And then I went to check my email.

And by so doing, I had to see MSN's home page.

Where I saw that thousands of people in Japan had been without water for almost a week. With no end in sight for some places. And as I lamented over my horrible misfortune and I thought maybe I should go spend the day in Stansbury with my sister, I saw that thousands of people didn't have a home anymore. Didn't have a job because the factory where the work has been destroyed. My biggest complaint was that my family wasn't going to be able to shower or flush the toilet for twelve hours and yet there are thousands of people who are still looking for members of their family.

So last night I filled up several pans of water and set them out so I wouldn't have to suffer without water today.

And then I got the hell over myself.


Kristina P. said...

I love you.

AS Amber said...

I love you, KP!! And this whole thing turned out to be quite anticlimactic. The water was back on before noon.

At least I got over myself before it turned out to be nothing.

M-Cat said...

I was furious FOR YOU - until you brought it back around and again and yes, you are right. We have NOTHING to complain about.

DeNae said...

Yeah, Brett has really been connecting with this Japan thing, and all week it's been variations on a theme of "we have NO problems. At all."

He's right, of course.

Kazzy said...

These reality checks are good for us. Great perspective!

wendy said...

oh Amber, you are so funny. True we get so caught up in our own little inconveniences and people all over the world are SUFFERING. just because I am pissed off doesn't mean I am SUFFERING
however....those around ME are SUFFERING cause I become a piss ant to be around. but that's another story.