Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Actual Conversation. Again.

While Harley took a bath the other day, his toy fell out of the tub and this conversation happened.) (I know this is two "actual conversations" in a row. Sorry.)

Harley: Mama, my toy fell.

Me: Oh, darn it.

Harley: Darn it.....dammit.

Me: Buddy, don't say "dammit".

Harley: Ok, darn it....don't say "oh man?"

Me: Yes, you can say "oh man."

Harley: Ok...Oh man!!!


DeNae said...

I can hardly fathom that angelic face saying dammit. Where does he hear such talk??

Kristina P. said...

That Aunt Denae!!

wendy said...

OH Man, dammit he is so cute.

M-Cat said...

Love me a good dammit.

Sissy told us that we cannot say dumb or stupid. Lame is the word of choice

They are so funny

Kazzy said...

Why do we laugh so hard when little kids swear? It is so stinkin' funny!