Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Story

So the other day I was getting Avery and Harley in the tub together. Avery got in first and I told her to start getting her hair wet so we could wash it.

Being the 9 year-old girl that she is, I figured she freak if Harley peed in the tub like he ALWAYS does the second the little thing touches the warm water. I don't usually worry too much when he pees in his own bath because his pee is still baby pee. Not something you'd want on you but certainly not something to wig out over. But she's NINE. And a GIRL. So I had to do everything I could to make sure tub-peeage (thanks for the work, DeNae!)did not occur.

I had him stand next to the tub while the water ran to encourage him to go in his diaper. Then I took his diaper off and aired the little bugger out in the hopes that the air and the water would inspire him to go outside the tub.

Next, I put him on the potty to try to get him to pee before I put him in. (It should be noted that he has never peed on the potty. Never, ever. But I thought I'd get extra credit from Avery if it looked like I at least tried to make sure he didn't pee in her bath.) After about two minutes of sitting, he said he was done.

After about 3 or 4 minutes I decide that I've done all I could do to prevent him from peeing anywhere near her bathwater. I get him off the pot, turn around to set him in and see my NINE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER sitting in a yellow pool.

"What the hell???" Say I. "Did you pee in the tub?"

Avery literally started to shake her head "no" but quickly realize she was SURROUNDED by evidence and nodded, sheepishly.

Very Under Control Mom: "WHY HAVE YOU PEED IN THE TUB???????"

Mortified Child: Quietly, "I don't know."


VUCM: "Do you always pee in your bath?"

MC: Shakes head, no.

VUCM: "Tell me the truth."

MC: "Sometimes"

VUCM: "Munchkin, you can not pee in the tub! Maybe, under the most dyer of circumstances, when you absolutely can not hold it, you can pee in the shower. But, really, not even then. And NEVER in the bath!!!!!"

So we drained the water, cleaned the tub and the toys, and got them both back in. And they bathed happily ever after.


Kristina P. said...

That is funny! The least likely culprit.

M-Cat said...

Wait! You're not supposed to pee in the shower? I've been doing it all wrong...

Cute Avery

AS Amber said...

Haha, Melissa! Just because it's a drain does not mean it's a toilet.

DeNae said...

Oh, man I did NOT see that coming! AWESOME story! Full points, little sister!

(BTW, it's "dire")

val of the south said...

Why not pee in the shower?
No flushing, no toilet paper used = environmentally friendly!!

Sidney Gwen. said...

haha Amber..i pee in the shower almost every time! :) i guess im kinda...gross haha

wendy said...

That is dang funny. And as you get older, like me, you pretty much pee wherever and whenever you want.

guess what, Barry offered on his very own, to come to church with me last week. IT WAS AWESOME.
baby steps

GreenJello said...

You mean that everyone doesn't pee in the shower?