Friday, October 16, 2009

My Life These Days

Oh hi!!! How's it goin'? I know. I know. I've been so lame at blogging lately. My baby makes it pretty much impossible to do anything computer related these days. He has to be in on everything! Right now, though, he's downstairs with Hayden and Avery playing with them. I love that he's old enough to hang out with them but he's still little enough that they don't mind having him around! They're just as entertained by him as Tavis and I are.

So Harley walks now! Not a minute too soon. My older kids didn't walk til they were 15 months but Harley waited til he was 16 months! I'm so glad he's walking. I hated that his hands were always dirty and that I couldn't set him down in public because he'd crawl around all over the Swine Flu infested floors!!!

And he's talking a little. He says ball, bite, dee (drink), bird, brrr (when it's something cold), hot (for y' stuff) (and even when the oven isn't hot he still says it's hot. So cute!) and then he says, "dah" like 973 million times a day. I have NO IDEA what he's saying. He says it for everything other than the above mentioned words. It. Makes. Me. Crazy. And it's not just "dah". It's "dah?????". Everything he says is a question. (That part actually doesn't make me crazy. It's pretty cute.)

And one more fun little development for Harley is that he's decided to be done sleeping in his crib. Ya...he'll just go ahead and sleep with us now. He's always been a way light sleeper. His whole life. And we've always had to put him to sleep and then put him to bed but he's always stayed asleep while we laid him down. Not anymore. Now he wakes up right when we stand up and he FREAKS when we lay him in his bed. I had to make him cry for TWO HOURS the other day. I know we have to just let him cry and it'll be a rough week or so but I just don't have the energy to fight the fight right now.

So I laid down to take a nap the other day and woke up with pink eye. What the crap??? Ya, in like an hour I developed freakin' eye guts. I went to the urgent care and was so paranoid about getting Swine Flu I almost sent myself into hysterics!

Now Avery and Hayden have pink eye. Oops.

Girls' Weekend was so much fun! It meant a lot for us all to be together. We laughed our butts off and cried and got waxed (not our butts). We ate and hot-tubbed and ate. We rode the Alpine Slide or just stayed on the ski lift and went up and down the mountain. I really can't think of anyone I'd rather be with than my sisters and mom. We have such an incredible bond. I love those women so much.

I love my job.

I'm loving the new fall line-up of TV shows. I realize this just makes me sound really lazy but I am so that works out. My DVR is filling up and I LOVE IT!!! What's your favorite TV show? Have you guys seen the show "Community"? Or "Glee"? So. Freaking. Funny. Of course "The Office" is always a crowd pleaser. Anyway, I love TV.

I miss my dad.

I hate my dogs. Seriously. I'm so sick of them. I have a Yorkie and a mutt of a Schnauzer/Terrier mix. They bark. At everything. And their bark is enough to send me into homicidal rage. It's so embarrassing to have someone come to the door and have my dogs FREAK OUT and then run out the door the second I open it and jump on the person at the door. I don't mind that they bark when they hear noises outside. Especially at night. But I just want them to SHUT UP when I tell them to! And as if waking my baby with their bark wasn't bad enough now the Yorkie (Fluffy) (Hayden named her. Yes, I know it's a cat's name.) is in heat and the mutt (Rocky) was fixed as an infant TEN YEARS AGO but he still insists on grossing me out by trying to "get some" from her! Dude, you're just embarrassing yourself.

I guess that's about it for now. I'm sorry for being MIA on your blogs lately. Like I said, Harley makes it near impossible for me to get any blogging done. I'm gonna go stop by a few blogs right now though!!

Peace out, y'all!


Vanessa said...

Thanks for the best cheese fries ever on Friday! Glad I got to see you at your new place of business. The service was spectacular!

Kristina P. said...

We do need to go to dinner again!

And I've been disappointed in Community and really disappointed in The Office this season. I still love my Joel McHale, but I have a feeling he won't be around next year. :(

I can't believe Harley's walking now!

wendy said...

Hey Amber ---I am going to call you one of these days. yeah I know, I say that alot, but I WILL!!!!!!!!
You are suck a sicko --wanting graphic photos of the honeymoon...that is why I love you so much (I'll send them to ya .ha ha ha ha)
Kids do keep a mom busy from doing the "important things in life" (ha ha ha ....again)
I too love tv----thank heavens for my satellite dish up here or I'd be suicidal. Barry actually will watch alot of the SAME tv programs as I like, amazing really.
I am still a CSI (vegas) fan, Bones, all the Dancing shows (right now we are in the finale of So You Think You Can Dance CANADA) awesome.
I don't watch sitcoms
We watch alot of movies
glad the girls weekend was a blast --so what did you wax if it wasn't your butt???
Kill the dogs
It is good to miss your dad

so keep in touch now ok -----DUH!!!!!

M-Cat said...

Wow - life keeps going on and on.....I'm glad you can take a sec and catch us up. I've missed you!

The Office - YES - I feel the writers are back in prime form.

Community - Yes - so far so good.

Glee - Nope. I had high hopes and they were dashed. Crushed. Obliterated.

DeNae said...

Love me some Harley, but babies don't sleep with daddies and mommies. It's the rule. Tell him I said that. That should fix everything.

Best line from girls' weekend:

"I'm not a professional, Sally! I'm a freakin' waitress for hell's sake!"

~Amber, upon accidentally waxing new niece-in-law's right eyebrow clean off. (well, almost...)

Emma said...

You are so funny, know wonder my mom loves you!!!

Welcome back, bloggin is hard with little ones I'll forgive you.

No time for TV because of little ones, and so sad no DVR!!! I try to watch survivor and GReys but that's it!! Ok maybe the Hills!!! Don't tell any one!!!

I used to think never let the little ones in your bed, but my two year old can be difficult so I say get some sleep!!!


Martins said...

Sounds like Harley is getting so big! But I completely understand about the computer. Carter sits on my lap and pounds on the keyboard.. it's not very productive for me.... anywho, have a great day!

Casey said...

Hey stranger, I've been away from blogging too so don't worry. Harley sounds like he's ready to move to FL and go on sunset walks with his future wife. My kids are both like that, can't take your eyes off of them for one second or something will be destroyed or someone hurt. It's exhausting.

Anonymous said...

I too am a bit disappointed in Glee. It looked like it was going to be so great. But now Mr Shuster keeps dancing and the show seems sort of sad.

Hooray for walking Harley!