Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet and Greet!!!

Hey, guess what??? DeNae is coming to town! So in an attempt to reach Kristina P. level coolness, we're having a meet and greet!

It'll be July 10th. It'll be a dinner. It'll be in the Salt Lake area somewhere. Please, please, please come!!!

Either email me or comment here if you can make it.


Kristina P. said...

Sadly, you won't be able to reach that extremely high level of coolness, because I can't come!!

I sent you an email, but I wanted to announce it here so everyone had plenty of time to prepare and grieve.

I am going to NYC the following week, and am already taking off several days. And since I work the evil swing shift there's no way.

I could do a lunch earlier in the week though!

Sarah said...

I AM SO THERE!!!!! When? Where? Come on I need details!!!!

Melissa said...

Email already sent, but in case it was too cryptic and you didn't get my secret, hidden message.

Hell yeah I'm coming!

DeNae said...

I am so there! I've heard this DeNae chick looks even HOTTER in a blue snuggie than Kristina, who clearly does NOT want to meet me, I mean, 'her' even though she says so all the time. Yeah, like we can't see right through that whole "swing shift" ruse.

Can't wait to meet all my UT friends!

Motherboard said...

Just so you know, DeNae is hotter in person. And funnier. She rocks my world!

I'm totally there. With big obnoxious bells on.

wendy said...

July 10th eh--------so where is it going to be. CAN I DRIVE THERE!!!! Remember there needs to be no traffic, easy directions, BIG "here's the place" signs --you know, that kinda stuff.
Is this DeNae character REALLY worth it???????????

Sher said...

I heard that people who exercise aren't allowed to blog, and might have dysmorphia. Can a freak like me still come and see this "DeNae" character?

So, is it a surprise, or are you going to tell us what time, so we can get babysitter, etc.?