Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Warning: Picture overload ahead. You're welcome.

Last Saturday was Avery's birthday party.

This is the kids in their "crash posistions" on the airplane thingie.

She had a Hawaiian party. This is the first birthday party I've ever given her. Ya, I'm mother of the year like that. So I send out like almost 20 invitations. One for each of the girls in her class as well as a few others. I put at the bottom where it says RSVP to call or text. Which should mean that I really do wanna know who's coming and who's not, right? Or not. I only got about 5 RSVP's so I was nervous that she wouldn't have a good turnout. Plus that the freaking WAD I spent would go to waste. But as luck would have it, 9 girls showed up. So including her there were 10 girls and Hayden. That was perfect. They did potato sack races. (Actually, I use the term "race" very loosely here. There was no finish line. No prize. Just who could get to the sand box and back the fastest.) Kids are so dang awesome! They had such a good time doing that "race". After a couple there-and-backs they split up and did a few races with just a couple kids. "Race" around the trampolie, etc. They just made up their own rules and had so much fun! Good kids. Notice Hayden on the left side of the picture. It's hard to tell the difference between this picture of him and the next one of him. He's so dang funny.

Then I had bought a thing that you put your face in and took their pictures. (Crap, that reminds me I need to get those printed and send them to the kids!) Scott and Tavis and Hayden and kind of Harley got their pictures taken, too. Way fun.

Then we did cupcakes. Every Wednesday after work the girls I work with and I go to Chili's for chips and salsa. Our waitress, Alisha, does professional cupcakes so I had her make Avery some and put them in the shape of an 8. They were chocolate with peanut butter cream filling. YUMMMMY!!! She put crushed graham crackers down to look like sand and added sea shells and umbrella. I put the flowers on them to make 'em look like a lei. She said she could do that, too, but I had already bought the lei and just cut it up and stuck them on. It was so freakin' cute! Seriously, if you have any event that you want DELICIOUS cupcakes for, go visit her! She's darling and so accommodating and makes a bad-A cupcake!

Then we did presents. She got a lot of really great stuff! He friends (parents) totally hooked her up! By this time it was 11:50. Really? I have to entertain these kids for another 40 mins??? But Tavis said they'd be fine to just play in the sand box and the creek and he was right! Those kids had so much fun! She's got some really fun, cute friends. And the best part was we found out one them lives by us! See, we don't really go to church very often. And my kids never go to church with me because they go to their dad's every weekend and they go to church with him. So we really don't know what kids live by us that they go to school with. Plus, we live at the very tip corner of our ward so it's likely that the kids that live right by us don't go to our church, anyway.

So finally at freakin' 12:50 (the party was supposed to go from 11-12:30) the last kid's mom picked her up. OK, that's a funny story. This little cutie shows up in a sarong and has dark skin and dark hair. She looks Hawaiian or Polynesian at least. So my ex, Scott, says to her, "are you Hawaiian?" She says, "no, it's a sarong." Oh. OK. So he says, "no, are you Hawaiian?" "No. It's a sarong." I'm laughing under my breath.

So this little cutie is the last to have her mom come which gave me time to talk to her. Scott was taking the kids home with him for the rest of the weekend so he was waiting with me. (Tavis was inside feeding Harley lunch.) My kids and their cousin were piled in his car, just waiting for this girl's mom to come. Anyway, we're all kinda hanging out on the driveway. So I ask her, "where do you get your beautiful brown skin and dark hair? What's your last name?" She tells me a perfectly NON-Polynesian name. So I say, "where's your mom from?" She says, "um....California."

Huh. "Where's your dad from?"

"California, too."

Clearly, I'm not going to get it out of this kid where she's from. And it didn't matter, obviously. We were just curious. She really is SUCH a cute girl! And her name's not bad, either. It's Amber. So I just finally say, "well you've got beautiful skin and your hair is so cute!"

"Well, I'm part Indian so that's why."

AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREEEEE!!!! (I wasn't about to go into "feather" or "dot".)

Anyway, her mom finally got there and cute little part-Indian Amber left.

Then I went to work that night and guess who came to see me??? VANESSA!!! It was Dillon's birthday and he and I bonded at lunch a few weeks ago and he CHOSE to go to Rib City just to see me. How freakin' cool is that?? I love that kid! He's adorable!!!

So it was a great day. The weather was perfect but for a little wind. Avery had a ton of fun. I had a ton of fun watching her have fun. And then I got to see Vanessa and her darling family.


So I'm probably going to be doing some posting over at Rib City Grill's blog. My boss is under the impression I actually know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to blogging. She obviously hasn't spent much time over here. Go visit if you get the chance!


Kristina P. said...

What a fun birthday party! I am jealous. Maybe you can throw mine for next year!

Missed you yesterday, as you know!

Melissa said...

Awwwww, what a cute Mom you are for throwing such a fun party! Your house will now become "the" house!


SO said...

That is an awesome par-tay!! What a cute idea for a cake. I'm glad that it went well.

Casey said...

Wow, you really go all out with your parties. The cake was awesome! I'm glad Avery had a nice turnout, any more kids and it might have been chaotic.

DeNae said...

I gotta tell you Amber, you sure know how to do a divorce right. I love how connected you and Scott still are; it's such a blessing to your kids.

Cake: Darling. Kids: Darling. And I totally heard Jim Carrey shouting that "truth shall make you free" line. We're such nerds.

Hit 40 said...

Outstanding Party!!! I want to come.

You win the mommy of the day award!! That was a lot of work for you.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Avery!

GreenJello said...

My nieces are half-Ecuadorian. They are BEAUTIFUL. I lust after their skin and eyelashes.

Hit 40 said...

Come back and join our cult!!! I think you would also like Otin

Vanessa said...

I will post about our amazing Rib City experience. I've just been gone.

Thanks again for the excellent service!!! Dillon loves you, you are his g-friend.