Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Actual Conversation. Again.

While Harley took a bath the other day, his toy fell out of the tub and this conversation happened.) (I know this is two "actual conversations" in a row. Sorry.)

Harley: Mama, my toy fell.

Me: Oh, darn it.

Harley: Darn it.....dammit.

Me: Buddy, don't say "dammit".

Harley: Ok, darn it....don't say "oh man?"

Me: Yes, you can say "oh man."

Harley: Ok...Oh man!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Actual Conversation

(Harley and I ate lunch with my mom on Tuesday((MY BIRTHDAY!!)). After dropping her off back at work, this conversation took place.)

Harley: Where's grandma's dad?

Me: Uh...he's with Jesus.

Harley: Huh???

Me: He's in heaven with Jesus.

Harley: I want my Baby Jesus.

I freaking LOVE this kid.